The Best Dark Blue Paint Colors for Furniture

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Are you looking for the perfect dark blue color for your next furniture project? I am sharing my list today of the best dark blue paint colors for furniture, so you can pick your shade and get started painting.

best dark blue paint colors for furniture

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I am drawn to just about any color blue. It’s long been my favorite color, and I use it throughout my own home–in my living room, dining room, even my front door has been painted a shade of blue.

A pale blue help a space feel light and airy, while a deep blue is more grounding and draw attention. 

I love all shades of blue, but in this post, we are going to focus on my favorite dark shades of blue for furniture makeovers. Dark blue is a great choice if you want to create a piece with some drama.

What is the Best Blue Furniture Paint?

For all my painted furniture projects, I like working with paint that is specifically formulated for furniture. 

These paints usually require less prep work than paint with latex paint off the hardware store shelf, and I am all about working smarter and not harder! Plus they are usually quite durable if the directions are followed and allowed to fully cure and harden.

I also prefer working with water-based paint. It’s easier to clean up and many of these furniture paints have very low or no odor at all, which you don’t get with an oil-paint.

Today I will be sharing my favorite dark blue hues from these furniture paint companies:

  • Fusion Mineral Paint
  • Melange ONE
  • Jolie 
  • Country Chic
  • Dixie Belle

Top 10 Dark Blue Paint Colors for Furniture

Let’s start with a few shades of navy blue.

Like a sleek navy blue dress gives you a classic and elegant look, navy blue on furniture creates a stately piece.

Jolie Classic Navy

Like its name says, this shade is the ideal choice for a classic navy blue paint color. It’s perfect on just about any piece of furniture, but also cabinetry and doorways.


Source: Lemondrops Reclaimed

​Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue

When you want a slightly darker navy, Midnight Blue is a great option. It can appear almost black in a dark room, and adds a lot of drama.


Dixie Belle Bunker Hill Blue

The Dixie Belle paint line offers another good navy option in Bunker Hill Blue. It’s a bit lighter than Midnight Blue and more saturated than Classic Navy.



If you want a blue that packs a bit more punch, royal blue is the perfect shade. It also goes well with any nautical-theme design style or a modern color scheme with cool whites and grays.

Here are a two good royal blue options.

Country Chic Midnight Sky

On this dresser makeover, the artist added a black glaze to darken up the final color a bit. Adding a dark glaze is a great option for toning down a bold color just a bit.




​Dixie Belle Silk Nautical

This true blue is the perfect hue for pairing with clean white. Depending on the amount of light in your room, the actual color can appear brighter or more saturated, so I recommend testing it first on a sample board to make sure you like it in your own lighting. 


Let’s look at a few medium blue colors, shades that are a bit lighter but still dramatic.

Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue

This has long been one of my favorite blue paint colors for furniture and other projects, including my front door and a powder room vanity. It has a slight gray undertone that keeps it from going towards turquoise. 

​Homestead Blue is a versatile color that can work on all sorts of furniture pieces, large and small.


Jolie Deep Lagoon

Another medium blue shade, Deep Lagoon has a bit more green than Homestead Blue. It conjures up exactly what the name suggests– a deep ocean blue.


​Heading back to the darker blue range, I have three more gorgeous blue paint colors to share.

Fusion Mineral Paint Chestler

Chestler is a deep blue green color, perfect for when you want more green than you get with a true navy. It’s one of the go-to blues for many furniture painters.


Fusion Mineral Paint Cambridge

Cambridge is another dark blue option, but this shade has gray undertones.  It’s an elegant and stately color.


Melange Vagabond

If you’re looking for an inky blue that almost feels black, this shade should be your pick. 



Would you like to try Fusion Mineral Paint for your next furniture project?

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Closing Thoughts on Dark Blue Paint Colors

Dark blue is a great option for your next furniture makeover. If you are used to painting furniture only black and gray, why not shift just a little and try a deep blue? Several of the blues on my list are very close to black but offer a bit more personality and hue for your space.

Somewhere on this list is the perfect blue for your next painted furniture project!

Whether it’s a dresser, side table, or dining set, dark blue can be a classic and elegant shade for many design and decor schemes.

Let me know which of these shades you decide to try next!

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Thursday 18th of April 2024

I love Navy blues! I recently added BM Hale Navy to the walls (and ceilings) of my foyer, hall, pantry and guest bedroom... admitantly, I got a bit crazy with color drenching, but absolutely LOVE how everything turned out! I made a DIY chalk paint with the leftover Hale Navy paint (because I didn't want to waste a drop, lol) and used it on a salvaged dresser for the guest bedroom. It came out so nice! Thanks for all of this wonderful dark blue painted furniture inspiration!

Melanie Alexander

Sunday 21st of April 2024

I love the idea of dark navy walls! I bet they look beautiful :)

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