Turn Your Hobby Into Actual Money

Build the right foundation for your furniture painting business

I love making over pieces for my own home or family, but have never felt confident enough to actually sell them.

Thanks to your encouraging e-book I feel like I can do it with enough patience and perseverance!

This book has wonderful tips and is a great read to get your head in the game before embarking on the flipping business!



What’s Inside?


Finding Great Furniture

I’ll walk you through what-to-look for and what-to-avoid when hunting for great pieces to restore.

Pages of Furniture Painting Business Insight

Furniture Flipping Gear

My list of essential tools every furniture flipper needs, as well as some toys you probably don’t.

Selling Your Stuff

How much should you charge? Where should you sell your beautifully restored piece? What about doing custom work for clients? Get answers to these questions and more.

The Basics of Business

What you need to know on getting your business off the ground legally including registrations, taxes, and record keeping.

My Personal Tips

Some basic flipping business “do’s and don’ts” and other final tips before you get your great business out of the planning stage and into your local market.

Start Learning Today!

Learn to take the next step in making your own furniture flipping business idea into a reality!

What you’re going to get:

H. E. L. P.


That’s the biggest thing you’re going get with Furniture Flipper.

But the book helps in some specific ways.


  • Know the best places to find AND sell your pieces
  • Know what painting tools you actually need
  • Learn the “how and why” of keeping records.
  • Solve the puzzle of licenses and tax ID’s
  • Get a sample “custom work” contract  

These are all included, along with a list of my own personal tips for maximizing your profit while keeping your sanity.


Practical. Useful. Motivational Help.


For the people who lay awake at night wondering where to start in their pursuit of a creative business, this eBook is the perfect starting point with simple tasks to make it happen.


Bliss from Bliss-Ranch.com

Learn How to Make Money Selling Painted Furniture

Learn how you can turn your hobby into actual income. Take steps to start your own furniture painting business today!

Most people who to try to start their own thing fail before they ever get started.

They just don’t know how to begin. 


And I’m right here saying “Furniture Flipper a great place to start!



You can stay where you are and keep daydreaming.

Or you can take a step forward and get clarity.


I think your idea is worth investing in, and I hope you do too.


Let’s stop dreaming and start doing.

What do you say…are you ready?

Why I Wrote “Furniture Flipper”

Over the last few years of having this blog, it became very clear to me there was a need for this information.

The Google search terms that consistently land people on my page are things like:

  • “selling painted furniture”
  • “start your own furniture painting business”
  • “flipping furniture for profit”
  • “painted furniture for sale”
  • “how to make money painting furniture”
  • “how to sell painted furniture”

Are you seeing a theme here?

Not only that, but just about every day my most-read posts are those that deal with the topic of running your own furniture makeover business:

  1. Tips for Making Money Painting Furniture
  2. Do’s and Don’s of Painting Furniture
  3. 5 More Tips to Make Money Painting Furniture

It’s been that way for well over 3 years now, and tickles me pink! Somehow, I have managed to become some sort of online, authoritative voice on this topic.

There are few things that I enjoy more in life than sharing information with people that they find helpful, useful, or valuable.

So, because there are consistently people, like you, out there who want to know how I started my business and how they can start one similar, then I am so excited to share all I know with them.



Hasn’t Someone Else Written This Book?

That’s just it…no one has. 

If you do your best google-fu to see what you can find, then you’ll probably discover a long string of varied bloggers posting about their experiences, but there hasn’t been one complied simple resource like this anywhere that I’ve found.


Save Yourself The Time & Research

With Furniture Flipper you’ll get the “first things” under your belt, and be ready for the next step in starting your own furniture flipping business!
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