I’m always so happy when it’s time to share another furniture makeover with you guys!

I get all giddy while editing the photos and writing up the post . . . It’s just so much fun to watch a piece transform.

For today’s makeover, we have this beautiful Basset Italian Provincial chest of drawers.

It’s exactly like this one I painted in Fusion’s Park Bench a year ago.

Something about this dresser just makes me want to go with a bold color!

This time around, I decided to try out one of the new Fusion colors, Twilight Geranium.

It’s a lovely, deep plum purple, and it fit the glam vibe of this chest perfectly.


Materials and Instructions


Preparing the Chest

To prep the chest, I cleaned it well with Fusion’s TSP, then wiped off any residue.

After that, it got a very quick and light sanding with 180 grit sandpaper (the wood was pretty dry, and I probably could have skipped sanding altogether!), then I wiped off the sanding dust.


Painting the Chest

2 coats of Twilight Geranium covered perfectly, and I wound up using less than half of my jar!

After the last coat was dry, I went back with some sandpaper and lightly distressed just along the edges of the piece, to add some depth and dimension.


Adding the Rose and Rouge Prima Transfer

I could have stopped there . . . But I really wanted to do something kinda fun with this piece! So I cut into pieces the Rose and Rouge Transfer from Prima and applied it in various places on the flat drawer fronts.

I know you all have been waiting for a transfer tutorial, and I’m sorry I haven’t done one yet!

But there are several on the Redesign with Prima YouTube Channel that show how easy it is to apply one to your piece.

Once the transfer was on, I applied a light coat of Fusion’s Beeswax Finish over the whole dresser and buffed to a light sheen.


All Finished!



That transfer really brings up the wow factor, doesn’t it!

And the colors are the perfect accent to the plum paint color.


There’s a little bit of gold in this transfer, which makes a little extra special.

This piece is for sale at my Downtown Springdale Studio, where you can also find all of the products I used for this makeover.

And if you’re not local, please take a stop in my online shop to see the full line of Fusion Mineral Paint colors and products, as well as many more Redesign with Prima Transfers!

Thanks for being with me today, I hope you’ve been inspired!


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