Painted Oak Washstand Makeover with Eulalie’s Sky Milk Paint

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I am a sucker for these little oak washstands!

Oak Washstand Makeover

I just can’t resist anytime I see one at a flea market or estate sale. I love their primitive character! I also love though just how sturdy these pieces are–that’s one of the best things about working with old oak!

I almost always use milk paint for these oak pieces. I think milk paint does a great job highlighting the beautiful oak wood grain and it seems to fit with the more primitive vibe as well. 

In fact, you can see a few more milk paint oak makeovers here, here and here!

This one I wanted to give kind of a beachy, coastal feel, so I decided to go with the light teal color, called Eulalie’s Sky.

To prep, I cleaned it off with a bit of TSP, then sanded down the top with my orbital sander. I didn’t worry about getting it all the way back to raw wood, just taking off most of the dark color.

Then I painted on 2 coats of Eulalie’s Sky and finished it off by lightly distressing and buffing on some Clear Wax over the paint. White Wax went on the sanded-down top.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I love this brand of White Wax??!

White Wax

Here’s the piece all finished up!


Painted Oak Washstand Painted with Milk Paint

A little bit of the beach up here in Texas 🙂

Oak Washstand Painted with Milk Paint


See how the pretty oak grain still shows through the milk paint? I love it!


Oak Washstand Painted with Eulalies Sky

The White Wax did its job beautifully, washing out the top and leaving behind just a hint of white.

Eulalies Sky Milk Paint

Painted Oak Washstand

So if you’re looking for an easy way to update one of these old oak pieces, why not give milk paint a try?

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