Hey friends!

It’s been awhile since I have posted about any of my finds.  To be honest, I’m not out on the hunt quite as often as I used to be simply because I struggle to find the time!  But I did make it to a few markets over the past month and did some Facebook and Craigslist shopping to help refresh and fill up my Antique Company Mall retail space.

A quick apology up front–these are kinda crummy cell phone pics because I managed to forget the memory card for my nice camera when I ran up to my space to take pictures.

But I figured crummy photos are better than no photos, right?



Over half of my space is now stocked with paint, but I’ve got a decent-sized space in the middle still open for some furniture and decor.

I have a great white cast iron bed with brass toppers in there at the moment.  Vintage metal or cast iron beds sell really well for me . . . If I find a complete one (headboard, footboard, and rails) for sale under $100 I almost always buy it.

In fact I bought this white bed to replace this gold metal bed I sold 2 weeks ago.



I think I’ve probably sold 9 or 10 beds since I’ve had my space.  I wish so much I had space for one of these beds in my own home, but I don’t!  But I enjoy finding them for others who do.

I also recently finished a makeover of this great old empire-style dresser, and it’s now in my booth as well.



If you’re curious, here is what it looked like before its makeover–well actually, this was after I had sanded it some and started stripping the paint off the top already. But you get the picture!



At some point in time it had been spray-painted with multiple layers of paint.  I knew the top was a solid slab of wood and probably could be salvaged, so I took off all the paint with Citristrip and sanded it back down to the bare wood.  I used the new all-in-one Stain and Finishing Oil from Homestead House to apply 1 coat of the Cappucino color stain to the top.  If you haven’t heard about this stain, you can read more about it in this post here.

I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing! It goes on so easy that it’s almost foolproof.  And the oil in the product penetrates down into the wood providing a sealed finish–so no need for a poly or wax topcoat to finish off the new stain.  It’s fantastic.

The base I freshened up with 2 coats of Champlain, my favorite neutral off-white from the Fusion Mineral Paint line.  Some new knobs from Hobby Lobby finished it off!


Now for the decor . . .

Anything “Farmhouse” style is so super-trendy right now and sells for me really well.  With that in mind, I was so excited about my old farm crate find!



I also found a fantastic vintage kitchen scale.  I don’t always buy scales, most of them that I find are priced too high for me to make much profit on them. But this one was extra old and in very good condition, along with a fair price. I felt confident it would sell at a higher price point, so I grabbed it up as well.



And the sweet brown transfer ironstone pitcher was a find at the same market.

All things ironstone still sell well, so I have a few more pieces I threw in:



My last (and I think favorite) piece of inventory is this vintage duck decoy.



I don’t know exactly why, but I have been on a decor kick lately for all things fowl . . . I actually found 2 of these old decoys recently at a market and had to keep one for myself 🙂

This guy (or gal?) though is now for sale in my space.  My friend who has been shopping with me at markets lately couldn’t help but laugh at my excitement over finding the decoys!  I don’t know why they excite me so much–I think because each one is unique and makes for a really interesting decorative statement.

And y’all my business tagline is after all, Lose the Ordinary, Find the Unique!


So besides paint, that’s what I’m selling right now.


If you have a booth, I would love to hear what has been selling for you!

Another bit of fun news . . . in July I will be moving from this current space in Antique Company Mall to a new space up front! I was offered one of the premiums spaces at the mall, 2 spots from the front windows and right by the cash register–I couldn’t say no! I am excited to set up my display there and share a whole new space with you.

And lastly, I have plans to photograph soon my new retail space at Lyla’s Clothing, Decor and More in downtown Plano so I can share a tour of that space with you too.  It’s so different from this space! I love the vibe of the shop though and know you will too.

Have a great weekend!



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