In 2 days, my family will leave for Disney World.  Sshhh, my boys don’t know, it’s a surprise!

I have been working feverishly this week trying to get everything ready, all the while trying to not make it obvious to the kids that we are about to leave town.  But now, all of my posts for next week are written, the laundry is done, the supplies have been purchased, and the final travel details set.

It’s taken our family close to 3 years to save for this trip.  I have shared with you before about how our family chooses to avoid debt if at all possible, which means funding a vacation like this takes setting aside lots of extra cash.

For many, the money it takes to go to Disney World might be readily available.  But living on our one-income ministry salary, our family had to wait several years before we had enough set aside in our fund to make it happen.

I know that it’s not every child’s right to get to go to Disney World . . . Heck, the biggest desire of so many children around the world is to simply have enough food and clean water for the day.  With that said though, taking my boys down to Disney, at least once, has been a great desire in my heart ever since they were born.

This won’t be an every year trip.  It might even be the one-and-only trip for us as a family.  I don’t know how everything will play out in the future, but I am so grateful that at least at this time, we have been given a sweet gift from the Lord.

Seventy-five percent of the funds needed for this trip have come from my business (read more about how I manage the finances of my business here and here).

So thank you to all of you who have been a Lost & Found customer and/or supporter–you have helped make our trip happen!  I am so grateful for everything this business has brought into our lives over these past several years, not just in financial provision but in new friendships as well as developed talents. Running your own small business takes much more work than I ever anticipated, but it has been well worth it for our family.

So, I will be out of pocket for the next week.  Besides the two auto-posts I have scheduled and the occasional comment approval, you won’t see me until after October 6th.  If you follow Lost & Found on Facebook or on Instagram, you may catch a few peeks of our time away 🙂

One of the scheduled posts while I’m gone is the next instillation of my 1st Friday Etsy Feature Shop, so be sure to stop in on Friday, October 4th to see what shop is showcased!

Thanks again for all of your support–I’ll be sure to tell Mickey you said hi 🙂


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