I have shared with you all before about my love for the Paste Wax made by The Plaster Paint Co.  It is by far my favorite wax out of all furniture waxes I have used.  I have much less experience with The Plaster Paint Co. paints however.  I have used their paint in one project so far, and had some mixed results.

I had some trouble with the paint being a little thin, but I believe I may have gotten an old batch of paint.  After talking with my local stockist I decided to give their paint another try, this time using their Black Tie color.

The black shades available in most chalk paint brands are often more gray than pure black.  I had a customer who wanted a bed set black, and after trying a few other black paints that didn’t get the job done, I gave Black Tie a try . . . and it was perfect!  It will definitely be my go-to black now, and I had no problems with the paint this time around.

After the bed project I had a little paint left in my can, and being the frugal lady I am, wanted to find some way to make use of it.  I had a vague memory of my stockist saying in passing that Black Tie could also be used in making a DIY chalkboard . . . but I couldn’t seem to confirm that information anywhere online.

I hunted through Pinterest, Google image search, and even The Plaster Paint Co.’s own website, and didn’t find anything saying Black Tie could work as chalkboard paint.  I decided what the heck though, I would give it a try anyway.

This cabinet door was an estate sale find a few months back, and I’ve been thinking about turning it into a chalkboard.  It made the perfect candidate for my Black Tie experiment.

I taped off the edges of the flat space with my handy Frog Tape


Using a regular paint brush, I painted two coats of Black Tie paint on the flat door surface.  I was a little skeptical it would really turn out as a chalkboard finish as I painted it on, but once it was fully dry, it came out perfect.

So, since I couldn’t find anyone else online talking about using this product in this way, I am here to say it can be done!  And personally, I think it is a better investment than buying a can of chalkboard paint from your local home store, since this Plaster Paint Co. paint can have multiple uses.  Why have two black paints, one for furniture and one for chalkboards, when you can just have one?

It turned out so cute with one my Halloween glitter banners hanging alongside 🙂

I hope you have been enlightened!  I’m gonna go find something else to turn into a chalkboard now since I still have some paint left.

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