A Tour of Fall Antique Booth Displays at Antique Company Mall

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Have you felt any cool breezes in the air yet?

I haven’t 🙁 Fall here in Texas usually doesn’t show up until November!

But in the retail world, you bring fall into your shop whether it’s cooled off or not.

So last week, I spent a few hours totally making over my Antique Company Mall booth space, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

fall antique booth displays 1


A good bit of my space is devoted to paint display, so I crammed as much Fall into the rest of my space as possible!

With my furniture pieces, I like to “paint seasonally,” which means I like to use colors that fit with the various seasons.

So in springtime, I try to use pastels, blues in the summer, and warm earth tones in the fall and winter. I enjoy exploring different colors and I think it helps pieces sell better if their color fits the mood of the season.

By the way, if you’re looking for some ideas about good fall paint colors, I have a list of my top 5 here 🙂

So the big anchor points of the space right now are this empire dresser, which was painted in a custom mix of 1:1 Fusion’s Midnight Blue and Park Bench.


fall antique booth displays 2


And this great, chippy little oak washstand, which I painted in MMS Milk Paint Mustard Seed Yellow.


fall antique booth displays 3


Around those 2 pieces, I packed in lots of little things that made me think of Fall–pumpkins, vintage brass pieces, book, tins, and a few postcard banners.


fall antique booth displays 4


fall antique booth displays 5


fall antique booth displays 6


Oh yeah–have I shown yall this gigantic pine cabinet yet??

It was my FIND of the summer! It’s huge and heavy, but oh so amazing!

I thought you may enjoy seeing a few other Fall displays from around the mall, so here’s a short tour of some of my favorite spots.


fall antique booth displays 7



fall antique booth displays 8




There are so many talented dealers at the ACM who have such an eye for display.

I learn so much by just observing how they put things together.

So if you’re like me and still sweating away in 90-degree heat, I hope this little tour has helped you feel the coming of fall a bit more!




Thursday 6th of September 2018

I loved this tour. I want you to tell us about your big pine wardrobe! Why didn't you write about that? It looks amazing. I bet you find it hard to not keep some of your "found" objects. Your booth looks tantalizing. I loved the liming wax idea you showed us...great for updating pieces without stripping the wood again.

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