5 Perfect Fall Paint Colors for Furniture

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What colors do you think of when I say “Fall”?

I bet you’re imagining orange, red, yellow, maybe even some brown or olive green, am I right?

There are certain colors that come to mind for each season of the year.

So when the temperatures drop and the leaves start changing colors, I start pulling different colors off my shelves for my painted pieces.

Yes, you want to pick a color for your painted furniture project that is going to suit your needs year round.

But if you want to conjure up that warm and cozy fall feeling in your spaces, it makes sense to think about the colors you’re using and how they relate to the season.

Or if you’re painting furniture to sell, I think it’s even more important to paint pieces in seasonal colors.

I find pieces painted in darker colors sell better in the fall and winter months than they do in spring and summer, while white or pastel color pieces are just the opposite.

And the goal is to sell our painted pieces, right?

So whether you’re a lover of fall who is just looking to bring that feeling into your spaces year round, or you’re wanting to stock your shop space with fall-inspired pieces and décor—this list is for you!

I’ve got 5 colors from the Fusion Mineral Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line that I think say “Fall” and would be beautiful for your next project.





 1. Cranberry—Fusion Mineral Paint



If you’re scared of bright red but love the idea of a saturated, warm color, Cranberry is for you.

It’s a luscious, deep red with just a hint of purple. Top it with Black Wax or Antiquing Glaze to warm it up even more.

You can shop for Cranberry here and see how I used it on a table makeover here!



2. Bayberry–Fusion Mineral Paint



Save the bright green for spring and use this olive-toned one for the Fall. Bayberry has some brown-tone to it, which helps it compliment stained wood really well. I would love to see a tall chest of drawers painted in Bayberry!

Shop for Bayberry here and see more of this Bayberry table makeover here!



3. Plaster–Fusion Mineral Paint



Are you someone that has to go with white? If that’s the case, can I talk you into trying Plaster? It’s a warm, light cream color with not too much yellow. It can get you that light, white look you’re wanting while not coming off cold.

Shop for Plaster here!



4. Artissimo–Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint


Image courtesy of TheGoldenSycamore.com


For fall and winter, the darker the blue the better! And when it comes to dark blue, Artissimo is my favorite, hands-down. It’s a navy that still manages to have a touch of brightness to it, and of course you get the awesome depth of color that only milk paint can give.

See another makeover in Artissimo here and more of this beautiful cabinet here!



5. Schloss–Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint



From the European color line, Schloss is a warm gray with strong brown undertones. It functions as a darker neutral and is a great color for larger size pieces.

See another makeover in Schloss here!


So there you have it!


Feeling inspired to try anything new? Would love to hear what you think of these colors!








Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Melanie. I am trying to decide if I want to use Lamp White Fusion paint on a closet cabinet my husband has built for me. It is 5 drawers & a hutch above with 3 open shelves. I was wondering if I had already "primed" this cabinet with Kilz primer...would the fusion paint "stick" to this and would I still need 2-3 coats of the paint? including drawer faces and side of cabinet I would have less than 75sqf.. Mary - Confused in CenterPoint


Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Hi Mary! Yes, the Fusion will adhere to the Kilz fine, and yes, since you already have a white color underneath with the primer you will likely only need 2 coats of the Lamp White.

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