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If you were with me last week you saw my most recent kitchen makeover project, my DIY Open Shelves.

At the end of that post I promised to share the last step in my kitchen makeover, which was installing some Farmhouse Style DIY Window Trim.

None of the windows in our house have any interior trim, outside of the basic window sill.  They look pretty blah, huh?  Adding a simple trim to the windows was another way we could up the wow factor in our kitchen without spending a lot of money.

If you want to tackle this project yourself, the first step is to figure out what look of trim you are going for. I knew I wanted big, chunky farmhouse-style trim–the bigger the better!

Thankfully, other bloggers have paved the way before me in this process, so I essentially followed this tutorial shared by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. I’m not going to repeat all the steps here because I don’t want to steal Donna’s content–so check out her post for a more thorough step by step.


Materials Needed for DIY Window Trim

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I tweaked a little of Donna’s design and measured my own window opening to draw out my plan.

Then my husband cut all of our boards to size.

After he cut each board, I sanded them smooth and went ahead and primed them with Kilz.

Then, after the primer dried, I sanded them all again–it’s important to sand wood after you prime it because the primer draws out the grain, making the wood rough again.

So with my boards all cut and primed, we started installing each piece, using our brad nailer.

We came up against a small problem on the right side of the window–the cabinet was too close to the window opening for our trim piece to fit.  So we cut out the board using a jigsaw to make it fit up against the cabinet.

Now we weren’t able to get it to fit exactly against the cabinet frame, but no worries! That’s where the magic of wood filler and caulk come in!

Once all the boards were installed, it was time to fill every nail hole with wood filler and caulk every seam.

Yes, this is kind of a boring step and it would be more fun to jump straight into painting . . . But you can’t skip this step if you want to have professional-looking trim!

I painted on 3 coats of my Benjamin Moore Advance white (the same paint I used for my white cabinets) and made sure to sand between each coat with some 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the finish.

Once the new boards were cut, it only took us about 45 minutes to rip out the old trim and install the new, and then about 3 days for priming, caulking, and painting.

The end result is really incredible!

I love how the chunky trim ties the whole space together and really gives it a high-end look.

So now that we’ve finished walking through all of the projects, it’s time to take the final walk-through my DIY kitchen makeover! 

Just a reminder, here is where we started.

Builder grade honey oak cabinets, blue laminate countertop that ran all the way up the backsplash, yellow popcorn ceiling, no cabinet hardware, and no real character anywhere.


And here’s where we are now!

I hope I’ve been able to encourage you with this makeover! If you keep at a project, working at it little-by-little, whenever you are able, you can finish a major makeover!

If you missed any of the past posts from this makeover process, you can find them all here.



Thank you so much for following along with me!









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