Selling painted furniture means that you are constantly seeing old pieces come back to life. It was no different with this exquisite dresser. For you wood furniture purists out there, let me go ahead and say that I know this dresser has beautiful, burled wood veneer that would be a shame to cover up with paint.


However, in the world of furniture restoration and makeovers, you have to work with what you have.  Someone long before me had not taken very good care of this beautiful wood, as there were many chips in the veneer along the bottom and deep gouges in the top of the piece. I wanted to save as much of this wood as possible, but the top just could not be salvaged.

So, painting only the top of the dresser would not be very design-savvy . . . But painting the whole body of the piece would.  That was the decision I went with on this lovely piece–paint the body, salvage the drawers.

I shared with you in an earlier post about how I dealt with the small scratches on the drawers, so now I can show you what happened with the rest of the piece.

To prep the piece I did not sand it at all (except for the deep scratches in the top), as I wanted to keep the veneer as smooth as possible.  My plan to help the paint stick and be most durable was instead to apply a base coat of Fusion Ultra Grip to the entire body of the dresser.


Ultra Grip is a great product to use when you are wanting to enhance paint’s “stickiness” to a very slick surface–like an Ikea laminate cabinet, or piece with a heavy varnish topcoat. It’s 100% pure acrylic resin of the highest quality, and it provides a base surface for the Fusion to adhere to.

I painted on the Ultra Grip and gave it the full allotted twelve hour drying time (it paints on milky white but dries clear).  Then, after it was dry I painted on two coats of Fusion Ash, a gorgeous dark gray color that I knew would give this piece some glam. (Do you know about Fusion Mineral Paint yet?)

After some very light distressing, here is the finished product:


By salvaging the drawer fronts, I was able to still keep the focus on that beautiful wood veneer, while covering up the irreparable damage to the base with a sleek, subdued color.


I have gotten my Fusion paint method down pat!  After the last coat of paint I give the entire piece a light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper, then wipe it down with a damp cloth. This makes the finish buttery smooth and so soft to the touch–I wish you could reach through the screen and rub your hand on this dresser to feel how amazing the finish is!


The Ultra Grip is doing it’s job, and the top coats of paint have cured up well.  A few times when I initially slid out the drawers a few scuffs showed up, but they wiped right off with a damp cloth and now there’s no scuffing at all.


I’m hoping that the wood purists out there can appreciate what I did with this piece 🙂  I think it is stunning and I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  I will be holding on to it to sell in my Vintage Market Days booth coming up in a few weeks.

Are you interested in trying out Fusion Mineral Paint?  It is an amazing product and I would love to send some your way.  I have all of the colors, in both tester and pint sizes, available for purchase right here.  I also have finishing products available on request.

What do you think of the Ash dresser?  Did I save enough of the the beautiful wood?


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