Why Use Fusion Mineral Paint?


Saves You Time

No primer. No stripping. In most cases, there is minimal prep to whatever you plan to paint. And less prep work saves you time.

No Wax Required

Fusion Mineral Paint is formulated with a built in top coat which means no waxing or top coat is required. And no required top coat saves you even more time!

Supreme Durability

Unlike some other one-step paints, once Fusion Mineral Paint has cured it yields a highly durable and washable finish.

Fusion Mineral Paint takes minimal prep for maximum results.

It gives a satin-smooth water-resistant finish with no wax or top coat required.

If you can bake cookies then you can use this paint! 

Fusion's Color Selection

The Fusion™ line of colors are a carefully selected palette of the top 24 colors from their repertoire. These top 24 are time tested and true. You’ll love them!

What Fusion Users Are Saying



I used Fusion Mineral Paint for the first time today, and I must say… I am in love with this paint!! The coverage is amazing, it goes on so smooth! It is simply beautiful, and so easy to work with! I am totally spoiled!!! Just wanted to share! Thanks!



Hey there!

Just wanted to let you know, I have seen the light that is Fusion Mineral Paint! I used to use {popular chalk paint brand} exclusively, but now that I’ve used Fusion, I’ll never go back. I want all the colors!

– Tessa


Today I finished my first piece in Fusion paint and you weren’t kidding…that stuff is great!

It went on well, dried quickly and after only 2 coats it looked great and was durable (without a top coat). Thank you!!

– Melody

Try Fusion & See the Difference for Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Fusion Basically A Chalk-Type Paint?

Great question! The short answer is “No.” But not because it’s just a different brand. There are numerous differences in the composition and durability, but most specifically Fusion is a 100% acrylic paint with a built in top-coat.

If you’d like a full side-by-side comparison (and see why I am complete Fusion convert) then check out my Chalk Paint vs. Fusion Mineral Paint post. It has many more details that should help fully explain the difference.


How Good is Fusion's Coverage?

Fusion’s coverage is great. The paint has an average coverage of 75 sq ft per Pint(500ml). Most colors (except for whites) get full coverage after 2 coats.

Fusion's Sheen and Finish

Fusion Mineral Paint dries to a gorgeous matte satin finish. This means an almost zero reflectance value that allows you to achieve a beautiful smooth finish.

What Can I Paint With Fusion?

Furniture, picture frames, cabinets, mason jars, craft items, exterior doors, patio furniture, and the list goes on. Also, by using Fusion’s Ultra Grip, you can get Fusion to adhere to the metal, glass, and laminate–the trickiest surfaces to paint!

Can I Distress It?

Absolutely! This paint is extremely easy to work with, though it’s best to distress it soon after the paint has dried (about 2 hrs). It is very durable, so achieving the same result is tad more work after it has cured!

I typically recommend applying a top coat when you distress because you will break open the surface, and a top coat will be necessary to prevent water damage and continued distressing through extensive wear and tear.

Try Fusion & Experience the Difference

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