Warning! I’m a little bit out of my comfort zone with this furniture makeover today!

I wanted to try out a color though from the new Fall 2016 Fusion Mineral Paint Color Collection.



Have you tried any of them yet?

I decided to play first with Midnight Blue (left picture, middle left of the ring) and Coral (right photo at the top). I think these two colors would actually be gorgeous paired together on a single piece! But for this makeover though, I decided to use just Coral.

And from the decor magazines that keep showing up in my mail, it seems that these saturated, rich colors are on trend.

Have you noticed that shift?



This is from a recent Ballard Designs catalogue, and if you to the Ballard Website they have an entire page devoted to the color trend of Coral!

Interesting . . . I’ve always been a fan of color, but it feels like white on gray has been the solid color scheme for quite some time now. So I will be glad to welcome some color back in!

Remember this vintage library table I found at a flea market a few months ago?




It’s a good size for a bold color.  I try to use bright colors on mostly smaller pieces, so they don’t visually take over a space.

To prep the table I cleaned it well (it was pretty grimy!) and gave any rough spots a quick smoothing with some mid-grit sandpaper.  Then I painted on 2 coats of Coral, with a 3rd coat of touching up in a few spots, and did a little light distressing on the raised bits to finish it off.







Bam! If you’re looking for something bold, here you go!

Now I had some issues in editing these photos, trying to represent the color of the coral most accurately.  The orange in my wood floors wanted to distort the color, and so I tweaked the photos some.  But I still don’t think the Coral is showing 100% true.




In the light of my home, it definitely looks more pink.  But once I took it up to my booth space, it started to look more orange. It’s a chameleon color.




I love though how the brightness of the color makes all the fun detail of this library table stand out.






My staging is a little lacking with this piece. . .  I don’t really know how to work with something quite this funky.

But, I had fun trying something new and getting out of my comfort zone a little.

If you would like to see the rest of the new colors available for sale, you can visit my online shop here.

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