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Wow this looks amazing! I love the technique you used. I have a dresser I picked up at a yard sale awhile ago and haven’t been sure what to do with this until now. Thank you for sharing!


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Thanks Melanie! Your detailed instructions along with the resources you list actually make me excited to try this! I will be sharing this, for sure.


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Hi Melanie! These tips are great and they gave me the encouragement I needed to try out hand-painting designs. You are a true inspiration for me. Love from Rome!

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Melanie, I am so glad I found your blog! Your tips on opening an antique booth have been the best I have found and have given me the confidence to start my own. Thank you!

You can do it!
I can show you how.

Sometimes the difference between waiting and doing is simply having someone show you how.

Whether you’re painting furniture for the first time, looking for DIY inspiration, or you just can’t figure out what to do with those old antiques your Grandmother handed down, I am here to help!

So…Hi, I’m Melanie. 

Welcome to Lost & Found 🙂

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Prep It. Paint It. Love It.

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