Hi everybody! It’s time for another furniture makeover!




Is this not a gorgeous piece?

I was contacted by the owner of this antique buffet about a month ago.  She had recently downsized from a home into an apartment and was wanting to really make her new space feel special.  She has been using this buffet as her tv stand but felt like it blended into her wall and wasn’t popping like she wanted it to.

We decided on gray as the base color, but she was open to enhancing the details of the piece by adding a few other colors into the mix. She was particularly drawn to this painted buffet, and so we used it as an inspiration for this makeover.

All this piece needed was a wipe down and very light and quick sanding, just to smooth out a few places where the finish was aged and rough.

The color combination I decided on was Bedford as the base gray, with accents of Champlain and Soapstone (all from the Fusion Mineral Paint line).






The top of the buffet was in great condition, and my client wanted to keep it stained wood.  I think that was the right choice for this piece–the wood grounds the color scheme and keeps it from being too overwhelming.

I think that was the right choice for this piece–the wood grounds the color scheme and keeps it from being too overwhelming.




When you add several colors to a piece like this, don’t worry if it looks like a hot mess while you’re still in the process of painting.

It usually doesn’t start working until you begin to distress the finish.

Distressing and bringing out the wood base brings all of those colors together and keeps any one detail from having a harsh edge.




I did add a layer of the Antiquing Glaze over the whole painted finish as well, just to warm up the tone of the Champlain and Soapstone some.

I actually showed the process of applying the glaze in a video on my Facebook page recently.

If you missed it, you can visit my FB page here, click on the “Videos” tab on the left side of the page, and it is the most recent video available.












This was such a fun piece to work on! And I so appreciate it when my customers give me a little bit of creative license to play around with a piece a bit.

My customer is very happy with her new buffet–it definitely pops in her space now!

This buffet is a great example of how a little paint can really bring out the special details in a piece.  All of the carvings and decals were lost when it was one solid wood color, but now the details are highlighted and they really show off.




Thank you for walking through this makeover with me today, and Happy Painting!







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