My husband jokes with me that I’ve become quite the handy-woman.


Six Things Every Furniture Flipper Needs


There used to be a lot more things I would ask for his help with, but after flipping furniture for over two years now, I can make my way around our garage pretty well.

Friends and family often ask me about furniture flipping projects they’re trying out, specifically what are the essential items they need to get the job done right.

Besides stain, paint, and a quality paint brush, what else is there that you absolutely need?

After a lot of sweaty time spent in my garage working on pieces, I have compiled my list six things every furniture flipper needs to have as a part of the regular tools and  resources.


Six Things Every Furniture Flipper Needs


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1.  Wood Glue

Shop for wood glue here.



When dealing with old furniture, there is always a plentiful supply of veneer that needs to be re-glued or drawer joints that need some extra support . . . you get the picture.


2.  Spring Clamps

Shop for spring clamps here.


These go along with the wood glue.  I like these small, plastic clamps because they are flexible and can be stuck into small spaces.

They do a great job at holding together glued pieces while the glue dries.


3.  Stainable Wood Filler

Shop for wood filler here.



Sometimes you can’t salvage the veneer to glue it back down, or it’s just missing all together–that’s where wood filler comes in.

Apply it with a putty knife (or I’m really fancy and use my finger), let dry, and sand the area smooth.



I also use wood filler to fill in extra hardware holes.  It’s so easy to change a piece from having handles to just knobs–just add wood filler to the extra hole!





4.  Lots and Lots of Rags

Shop for rags here.



Things get dirty fast when you’re sanding, filling, gluing, or painting, so a big supply of rags is a must.

Buy of box or go through your husband’s old t-shirts to make your own (you should probably ask him first though!)


5.  Orbital Sander

Shop for a sander here.



A friend told me awhile back that she had tried to sand down a table top using sandpaper–poor thing!

A powered sander is a must for refinishing jobs, and an orbital sander is my sander of choice.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a good, multi-purpose, easy-to-use sander that most anyone can operate.

6.  Minwax Pre-Stain Conditioner

Shop for pre-stain conditioner here.



Once you have everything glued, filled, and sanded, it’s time to apply this product.

I use it before I apply stain to wood EVERY time.  I won’t stain anything without it. Best of all, it’s cheap and will last you a long time.



So, there you have it!  If you already have your paintbrush, paint, and stain and have just been wondering what else you may need to start that furniture flipping project, now you know–time to get started!


Do you have other items that are essential to your refinishing projects?

Please share! I’d love to hear about your go-to furniture flipping tools.




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