It’s been a challenging week here in our TX household.  Last week, my hubby left the country for a trip that would take him to a remote place on other side of the world for 12 days.  Our ability to communicate would be spotty, and totally dependent upon when he could access free wireless and we could text or FaceTime on our iphones (thank you Steve Jobs).  When he’s gone I really do lose my other half.  He is who I bounce all of my creative ideas off of, and who gets the brunt of my “steam” when I blow it off.  I sure do miss him, and so do my boys.  For 3 little boys, Mommy just isn’t as much fun as Daddy.

Right before he left, we did take some special family time and visited a local pumpkin patch together.

Little kid and pumpkin pictures are always so darn cute . . .

Yes, it’s Texas, so we’re still wearing short sleeve shirts around here!

Another thing we did in preparation for my husband’s trip was loading up my booth space.  I knew I wouldn’t have time to work on it much while he was gone, so we packed it up with lots of new stock.  Now for the good problem part . . . within three to four days after taking my new merchandise up to my space, it virtually all sold.

My new gray dining table sold . . .

My awesome antique sugar mold that I found at a garage sale for $2 sold . . .

And my antique goat pull-cart that was looking so cute loaded up with vintage goodies sold . . .

So, my space sat for a full weekend with a giant hole.  I searched long and hard for some more “lost” goodies over the weekend, but had no luck.  For some reason, everyone I tried to contact on Craigslist must not actually want to sell their items because they never returned my calls or emails.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Well, I am thankful for quick sales and a faithful customer base.  It is a good problem to have, but still a problem.  It is challenging running a business while also being mom, school tutor, soccer coach, cook, maid, chauffer . . . I miss my other half, and will be so glad when he gets home so we can partner again in this venture of life.  It really is impossible to pull this off on my own, and its just so much more fun with his help.


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