Vintage Market Days Recap

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Hi everyone!  I had to take a few days “off” after having my first set-up show this past weekend at the Dallas-McKinney Vintage Market Days.  I was working from dawn till dusk Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and my brain and body just needed a few days of detox!

I had a fantastic show and even though it was exhausting, I really enjoyed the weekend market experience.  Several veteran market vendors were asking me towards the end if I plan on doing more markets in the future, and at the time I really couldn’t answer!  I was so bone-tired that I couldn’t fathom doing it again, but now that I am a few days out from it and have rested up some, I can see myself considering more.

In two days I sold as much inventory as I typically sell in a “good” month up at my antique booth space, and it’s exciting to have this cash in my pocket 🙂 I learned so many things too that will make future markets a little easier.

But that’s enough talk, what you really want to see is photos, right?

The market was held inside a large livestock arena, so bear with me on my orangey pictures with poor lighting.

Here is my space in it’s “raw” form:


The three green doors in the back are mine, but that was all the structure that I added to my space.  I was lucky that the vendors on all three sides of me had walls put up, which helped define my space as well as theirs.

And here are a few photos I snapped very quickly in the last minutes before the doors opened on Friday:





I put together a business sign that I think came out really well!  It hung in my “tree” that got a lot of attention from other vendors and shoppers alike.  I will post more later this week about how I made my tree 🙂


The two other signs I made up from some old boards were actually the first things to sell!



That awesome, big black goat cart sold to another vendor before the market opened on Saturday.  It was a fantastic Craigslist find, and is very similar to the one I sold in Fall of 2013.

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this market was to introduce Fusion Mineral Paint to a broader audience.  I stock it every day at my ACM space, but I’m not always there to talk about it with customers.  I knew at this market I would have the opportunity to educate people on how Fusion is a totally different product than any chalk-type paint, and show them the benefits of Fusion.


Well, I was right in that this market would be a great opportunity to promote Fusion!  I sold so much paint and talked to so many new customers that at one point I had to hide in the bathroom for a bit to give my head a break 🙂

I know there will be lots new Fusion customers as a result of this market, as well as participants for my Fusion 101 Workshops.  When talking about the workshops, so many women said, “That sounds like so much fun!  We should get a group together!”

The main downside of the market was that none of my furniture pieces sold 🙁  I had some “almost” sales, but none of them went through.  My ACM space will be well stocked though!

A few other little items didn’t sell that surprised me, like this enamel antique sale sign.


I just might keep it for myself though and hang it in my kitchen.

My favorite small item that did sell was this little boy’s growth chart.


This chart is dated on the bottom “1940” and has never been marked on. Can you believe that?  I sold it to a sweet young mom who had a one year old little boy and was expecting another one later this year.  I so wanted this chart to go to someone who would appreciate and take care of it, and I was thrilled she took it home with her.

So, now I have the massive task of re-ordering my garage and getting up to my ACM booth the furniture pieces that didn’t sell.  Applications for the next Vintage Market Days coming up in September will be open soon, and I need to think through if I want to attempt it again. Maybe I can think more clearly about it after a few more days of rest 🙂

Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

And on a closing note, I want to pass on to you all a fantastic opportunity to see more Fusion Mineral Paint projects and enter to win $150 of Fusion products!

A group of 12 bloggers have teamed up to showcase their recent Fusion products and offer a fantastic Fusion paint giveaway.


Click on the above photo to be taken to one of the blogger’s posts where instructions to enter are located.  Good luck to everyone!



Thursday 9th of July 2015

I know there's a huge delay from the post date, but I'm a bit of a procrastinator. So thankful I stopped at your booth! Bought some paint and have finally started working on a table I plan to give to some friends. Thank you for being so patient with all my questions, and I hope to be able to take a class in the future!


Friday 10th of July 2015

You are so welcome Leslie. I am glad you stopped by too, and even more glad you are enjoying Fusion. Thanks for giving it a try!


Thursday 14th of May 2015

Love your theme and set up. My wife and I have our own little shop and you have given us great inspiration and love your tips....GOD Bless your work and we are great followers of you and your inspiration. Kim and Brenda Chace at

chris aka monkey

Wednesday 13th of May 2015

melanie i am so glad the market was so successful for you after all the hard work you did and $10 bucks for the signs was too cheap they would go for $25 around here and they were awesome as is all of your things xx


Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Since they were my first attempt at doing anything like that Chris I wanted to price the signs pretty cheap. I wasn't sure my creative abilities would be appreciate by anyone :) Now I know in the future to bump up the price a bit! Thank you for your kind words!


Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Melanie, love your business sign and other "vintage farmyard" signs. Would you mind telling me what they were priced at? Amazing you did this without helpers. Thank you.


Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Thank you Dorothy! They were a steal at $10 each. I bought the painted boards for super cheap, I think maybe $3 a board and then everything else to make the signs I had on hand. And, to be fair I had a TON of help at the market :) My dad was in town and he was a huge help, as well as my always hard-working husband and two dear friends who came to the market with me.

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