A little over four weeks ago we moved from our house in Texas.

It had been our home for 9 years (11 total in Texas,) and it was emotional saying goodbye (if you missed the story about why we left, you can read that here).

But, with every goodbye comes an opportunity to say hello, and we have been really excited about saying hello to our new house!

You guys have been asking to see more, so let me give you a little tour today 🙂

It is soooooo different than our last house, in fact, it’s really different than any house I’ve ever lived in.

My whole life has been lived in 2 story houses, and so a one-story ranch feels kinda strange! 

So to be 100% honest I’m not in love with the overall style of the house, especially on the exterior.

My heart was longing for something more like this . . .


I mean, a girl can dream, right?

Seriously though, my southern roots still call out for big trees, 2-stories, painted shutters, and a lawn full of azaleas. None of which were common in Texas, by the way!

But, despite the fact that it’s not quite my style, I really am in love with the space itself. 


That is what I have been asking God to bring to our family for 2 years now. And in this house, He brought it!

Before I take you inside, let me show you what is in the back . . .

We are absolutely loving this yard (and this picture only shows about a third of it)! My heart sings every time I watch my boys run around in the backyard. 

We also have a little pool, which is another brand new experience for us. We’ve never had a house with a pool!

It’s just big enough for the boys to jump around in, and not so big that I won’t be able to take care of it!

So now for the inside . . . 

The interior of the house is in really great shape.

Paint and carpet are less than a year old. And it’s super clean (the previous owner lived here alone–we’ll see how long it takes for my crew to dirty it up a bit!)

While it’s all clean and in good shape, again it’s just not quite my style. 

The darker gray on the walls is also painted on the ceilings, which makes everything feel closed in. 

The carpet is darker than I would have picked (really, wood would be nice!) and the lights and fixtures have a kind of modern gothic vibe that just doesn’t suit me.

The kicker though is that every single cabinet in the house has been painted and needs to be redone.

I’m not trying to be unkind about whoever painted them, but the paint is peeling and some places only have one coat so it’s uneven and streaky.

They just need some TLC.

And the dark, oh the dark!

Ya’ll remember my painstaking project of painting my kitchen cabinets white?

Yep, bye-bye light and bright white kitchen!

So . . . There’s lots of painting to be done 🙂

Don’t get me wrong–this house is a major upgrade for us!

And I am super thankful for how it was provided for our family, and we could live with gray walls and halfway painted black cabinets forever here and be quite happy. 

But thankfully, I know how to paint! So eventually the whole house is going to be a new color.

Right now, we are looking at 2 colors for the main living areas and hallways: SW Agreeable Gray (top) and SW Repose Gray (bottom).

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna go with the Agreeable Gray because I want to add a touch bit more warmth to this space and that is a slightly warmer tone.

Something kind of funny–back in our Texas house, we barely had any closets or storage.

So as a solution, I had LOTS of extra storage furniture pieces.

Well, in this house, we have plenty of closet, attic, and storage space, so I’m not sure what to do with all this extra furniture!

We also have new rooms that we didn’t have before, like this kitchen sitting area.

We need a whole host of new furniture, not only to fill these new rooms but also because most of what we have is 12-15 years old and has just been worn out by my kiddos.

We were literally throwing furniture into the trash rather than onto the moving truck!

So I think I’m really gonna create a whole new look for this house!

Can I share some inspiration photos with you?

I want more neutral furniture this time around, so no more green couch! After several weeks of hunting, I settled on a new couch!

This is from a company called Smith Brothers, and I think it’s gonna be a fantastic couch. 

It’s a mid-range furniture line–not the cheapest out there, but also not the most expensive. But I was really impressed with the quality of their furniture and I think this sofa will last us a nice, long time, 

And I’m dying to have a pair of spindle chairs, preferably upholstered in a fun fabric (wait, didn’t I just say neutral furniture?).

via: PotteryBarn.com

I’m not quite sure if these chairs are one of those things that are super trendy now, but in another 10 years we will all wonder what we were thinking?

Even if that’s the case though, I love them and REALLY want a pair in my living room.

So neutral furniture, accenting with some fun fabric, probably in blues and maybe a dash of coral if I’m feeling crazy?

It’s definitely going to be a work in progress.

I’m not a quick decorator, it takes me a while to figure out where I want things and what I want to use in a space.

I’ll be sharing our progress along the way, though, so I hope you follow along with me!

Well, I’m gonna go enjoy a few minutes with the boys in that little pool 🙂

Thanks for being with me here today and for being on this family journey with us!


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