Is it just me, or does spring feel really late in coming this year? 

I can remember this time last year, sipping coffee on my back porch in the morning and almost feeling hot; this year we haven’t even unpacked the porch furniture from storage yet! 

Spring is my favorite time of year, so to make up for the lack of it in our yard, I decided to “Spring-Out” the Studio instead. 

I thought you guys may wanna come along and see, and maybe get a little inspired for springing-out your own space at home.

My plan at the start of the year was to bring in a lot of live plants, along with planters and accessories.  Little did I know that there is currently a national plant shortage (!), so I haven’t been able to find a good wholesale source for live plants like I had hoped. 

But . . .  I’ve shopped around locally and brought in a few small ferns I’ve found on a deal, just to freshen up the space.

I think this little guy has been my favorite one so far–he’s called a Blue Star Fern. I think the pale green color is so unique!

Here’s a few more, that fit perfectly into an old yellow, metal bread pan I found recently.

Don’t worry–I have some faux greenery too, for anyone who doesn’t wanna mess with the real thing 😉

There’s a lot of green going on in the space in general, including this amazing desk I painted a while back in Fusion Mineral Paint Pressed Fern

Here’s another look at it, from the front.

It’s a stunner!

There’s also a new display for all of my pillows.  

It’s one of those old take-apart armoires and was gifted to me a local customer. It’s perfect for the pillow display!

It was a bright green when I got it but decided that Jolie’s Legacy would be a better everyday color, since it will be an ongoing display piece.

Speaking of displays, this chippy blue paint table is always a fun one to play around with! It has a botanical theme going on.

And check out these old seltzer bottles I found recently!

That one with the red under the lid is from Budapest–how cool is that?!

Here’s a few other photos from throughout the space, I hope you enjoy doing a little window shopping 🙂

And let’s wrap it up with a shot of all these Fusion Mineral Paint colors–isn’t that so pretty? I love seeing all those shades lined up together.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit today! And I hope that spring quits joking around with us and decides to finally show up soon!

Ya’ll have a great day! 





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