Stunning Red Painted Furniture & Decor

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Do you like using red in your home decor? Or does it feel a bit too bold for you?

Whether you love red or are a little skeptical about it, there’s a way you can incorporate this warm tone into your home decor color scheme.

 Just last week I posted a lovely photo on my Facebook page of a breakfast nook decorated with very cool color furnishings and decor.  

A friend had mentioned to me that she thought cool colors are more in style at the moment, while warmer colors are on their way out.  I tend toward cool colors, so I didn’t argue with her, and after asking for opinions on my FB page, many people seemed to agree.

So I was confused then when all I seemed to spot at last weekend’s flea market was RED furniture and decor! There were no cool colors in sight!  Every time I turned a corner, I came upon another red display.

I mentioned this to one of my favorite dealers at the market, and she confessed that whether it’s in style or not, she absolutely adores red.

So I’m wondering now, what do you think of red in terms of decor?

I took a minute to look through Pinterest to see what red inspiration may be out there, and here is a little of what I saw.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

In these spaces red is used as an accent . . . most of the color scheme is very neutral, with the bold red acting as a statement piece.

Or if you’re open to having a little more red in your space, why not try adding it in with some fabric, like in the case of these adorable red buffalo check curtains?

Major companies are producing some of their furnishings in red, like this iron bed from Anthropologie.



Ethan Allen has this adorable bedside table in a bold red as well.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

Red Painted Furniture DIY’s

If you’re up for a DIY project, you can create your own red painted furniture piece!

One of my favorite recent furniture makeovers is a red piece from Linda @ Q is for Quandie.

Q is for Quandie

Q is for Quandie

The red and turquoise contrast is gorgeous (the turquoise is a fantastic Fusion Mineral Paint color called Laurentien, FYI).

I also tried out red on one of my own makeovers.

red painted furniture

I remade this dresser using Fusion’s Ft. York Red

And check out this adorable trash-to-treasure side table from Kim from at Exquisitely Unremarkable.

She used red chalk paint to create a focal point in her living room with this cute table she found on a curb!

So what do you think?

 Is red in or out?  Is it a timeless color?  

Or do you just say the heck with it and use whatever colors you like, whether they are in style or not?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Either way, I hope you’ve been inspired to maybe try a little of this bold shade in your own space.

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Cheryl Atkinson

Sunday 5th of February 2023

I love Red but it's hard to sell red furniture. Thank you for all the great photos


Friday 3rd of February 2023

Red is my color! Love all the inspiration here and thanks for sharing my red checked curtains and round table. Your red dresser is the perfect shade and drawer pulls are lovely.

Melanie Alexander

Friday 10th of February 2023

I love your curtains so much! The whole space is so inviting :) Thanks for letting me share your red inspiration pieces!


Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I think red was really “in” during the Tuscan trend, and fell out of favor during the grey trend, and also the black/white trend. I do think everything is cyclical and it will be back, as you are seeing. I did a lot of red back in the early 2000’s, even had a red sofa! I’m more into navy/aqua/teal now, but wouldn’t a small red table or small cabinet still look good with those colors? Lol.

Melanie Alexander

Tuesday 31st of January 2023

Absolutely it would! And yes, it is so funny to see how things come and go.


Monday 30th of January 2023

I'm red-averse, except in nature, like flowers.

Gayle Stewart

Monday 30th of January 2023

No red please! Nor orange or yellow! I’m a blue, green or neutral gal! And, yes, those colors can be warm, too! I don’t even have red, yellow or orange (it makes me look convincingly like a pumpkin!) in my wardrobe. But more power to those who enjoy those colors. I do appreciate them in nature though.

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