I’ve been teasing on Facebook for a week or so now about a piece I’ve been working on . . .




(Please excuse the neon orange-ness of this photo . . . I have no idea what was going on with my camera!)

This antique chest of drawers was in great condition, except for the top, which had some staining and water damage.  It’s a petite little chest, with some curvy detail, so I thought it would be best to pair it with a feminine color.

And what better feminine color is there than pink?


little piggy


Little Piggy is a very soft pink from the Fusion Tones for Tots Collection and I have been itching to try it out.

If you’re a new reader or new to furniture painting in general, I’ll take a quick breeze through my prep for this piece so you have a better idea of the process.  Are you ready? Pay attention, because it’s pretty complicated.


First I wiped it down well with a vinegar water mix, then wiped it dry with a towel.


And that was it 🙂


Hehe . . . So just kidding, it wasn’t complicated at all.

Older pieces like this are typically great to paint without any sanding because the old wood is usually dry enough to grip the paint perfectly.

This is just one of the reasons why I like working with older pieces over newer ones–newer furniture pieces have such crazy, chemical topcoats sprayed onto them that you generally have to do some sanding prep to give the surface some teeth.

So anyway . . . it was super simple prep on the chest itself.  The hardware did need a little bit of work, but I’m going to share more on that in a few days.  For now, let’s focus on the pretty pink paint.

It took 3 coats, plus a touch-up 4th coat in some areas. In retrospect, I probably should have used a base coat of the Concealer, but oh well. I still only used maybe two-thirds of my pint of Little Piggy.

After finishing off with a light sanding to smooth the paint to the touch, here she is:




My husband came in and saw it, and said, “It really does look like the color of a pig!”  And he’s right–the pink is the softest pink with tiny hint or orange or coral underneath.  I love it!




I thought about adding some white detail onto some spots, but decided I liked it clean and simple like it was.  I didn’t even do any distressing, just a clean finish.






Such a sweet, soft color that really is perfect for a nursery or child’s room.  Too bad there are no little girls in this house . . . so no room for any Little Piggy painted pieces for me!

Thanks for letting me share!  And check back in a few days to see the simple way I brought the original, tarnished hardware back to life.  **Update, you can see that post here**


This piece is available for sale, $225.  And you can shop Little Piggy and the rest of the Fusion Mineral Paint color line in my online shop.



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