Meet my next furniture makeover project:


flipping furniture for profit


I bought it off of another furniture flipper who didn’t have the time to fix it up.  It was a steal!

I don’t believe that it’s a very old, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.  My goal was to save as much of that gorgeous burled wood veneer as I could manage.  The top had several deep gouges and spots of chipped veneer though, so I knew I would have to paint it.  Thankfully the veneer on the drawers was about 90% perfect!  There were only a few small scratches and I knew I had just the right fix for them.



I was pretty sure all these drawer scratches needed was a little Hemp Oil and then they would be good as new. Hemp Oil is also a great topcoat option for milk paint projects (like this one here and here).

It’s really pretty amazing . . . take a look at this “before” picture of one of the scratches–




It’s most likely from the hardware swinging around over time and rubbing the surface.  Well, after rubbing on some Hemp Oil here is what it looks like–




The scratches are barely visible.  Isn’t that awesome? Just an old t-shirt and little elbow grease, and voila!

Here’s another area of some scratches before applying the Hemp Oil–




and now after–




Not only did it fix the scratches, but it brought back the luster and shine of all of the wood.

Flipping furniture for profit can get frustrating when you are trying to breath life back into an old piece of furniture So the next time you are about to give up on some lovely wood, you should definitely try out Hemp Oil.

This dresser is finished with the exception of fixing a few pieces of hardware, so be on the lookout for a final reveal post soon (you can see it now here).  I’m telling you, it’s GORGEOUS!


On the non-business side of things we celebrated my youngest’s 3rd birthday on Monday. My husband and I took our older two boys out of school for the day and trekked off to the Legoland Discovery Center.



Kids’ birthday parties can be exhausting . . . I will admit I’m not very good at throwing them.  I was pretty sure the little man would enjoy a day with his family and some cake at the mall food court just as much as running around with 15 other 3 year olds in our backyard–and so would mommy!


So that’s how we celebrated–Legoland, and cake at the food court.  And it was wonderful πŸ™‚

I can’t believe he is three years old.  He is for certain our last child (unless we would decide to adopt at some point) and is really our “miracle” child. Not saying that the other two aren’t special . . . he was just the only one who was born full term and healthy.  I had two difficult pregnancies and had two preemie babies, then was told by my doctor and a specialist that I had a 50/50 chance of repeating the same problems in any successive pregnancies.  There was no medicine they could give me, nothing they could do to help if my pregnancy went south again . . . all we could do was just pray.  And pray we did.

When my youngest came into the world, full term, at a whopping 7 lbs. 11oz, on Good Friday three years ago, it was a blessed day.  Now he’s 3 and we are officially out of Baby Land.  Although, he still is the “baby” in my heart πŸ™‚



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