This past Saturday, 6 ladies from my church gathered at my home for a Fusion Mineral Paint 101 Workshop. They were kind enough to be my “guinea pigs” by attending a workshop in my home, where I could practice and work out the kinks before I begin to teach the class at its official location in two weeks.

It was nice to see a room of friendly faces for my first round teaching a 2-hour workshop!


I really enjoy teaching others, and passing along skills that I have learned.  These ladies were such a kind, gracious audience, listening attentively and asking lots of questions!


For each Fusion 101 workshop, I provide all of the materials needed, including paint, brushes, and even a cute Fusion apron to take home.


I also put together my own, customized workshop guide to follow along through during the workshop.  Everything we practice and talked through during the workshop is also described in the guide, so participants can use it as a reference when they are wanting to practice their techniques more.


I gathered together a collection of old picture frames and had my assistant (aka my husband) pre-stable chicken wire to each frame.  These were the “small projects” that each lady got to make over and take home with them.  One lady was so excited to take hers home because she had purchased one from TJ Maxx several years ago and wanted another.  She was amazed that she could make her own for about $5, rather than paying the $35 for it at the store 🙂

We talked through the basics of painting, including the right and wrong way to hold a paint brush (did you know there were such things?)


I wasn’t sure if this would be too basic of a topic for the workshop, but I’m glad I decided to include it.  The ladies all admitted to not knowing how to hold a brush properly and were amazed at how the right grip can make painting so much easier!  With their new skills, I cast some vision also for learning to paint well enough that they would no longer have to tape off their ceilings and floorboards when painting a room 🙂


Each participant had a practice board, where we learned three different finishing techniques. On the back side of the boards we practiced using the different Fusion topcoats (Tough Coat, Beeswax Finish, and Antique Glaze).

Despite my concerns, 2 hours was just the right amount of time to work through all of our material and finish up the picture frames.  It really went quite well!

So now that I have my first one under my belt, I am ready to get up in front of strangers 🙂

If you’re local and interested in attending a Fusion 101 class, you can see more information by clicking on the Fusion 101 Workshop sign-up button on my right sidebar, or the Paint Workshops tab in my top Menu.

Clicking on either of those will take you to a page where the class is described more in detail and upcoming dates are mentioned. At the bottom of the page is a link where you can click to register online via The Feathered Nest’s website (where my local workshops will be held).

I hope to see some of you there!



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