Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal; Front Entry Refresh

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Tuesday was my boys first day at their new schools! I’m glad to say that everyone survived 🙂 

To celebrate my free day, I decided to work a bit on our front entryway.

As a refresher, here is the front of our new house (you can see more of the inside here!)

I wanted to clean it up a bit and add a little bit of something fresh and fun, just to boost the curb appeal.

Eventually, I would love to pull out all of the landscaping and start from scratch, but that’s a bigger project than what I could pull off in one day!

Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to boost your curb appeal, follow along with me as I walk you through my one-day front entry makeover!



Step 1: Prune and Weed

The first thing I did was do some major pruning! The crepe myrtle tree in the corner was way overgrown, as were many of the other shrubs.

The bed was also filled with weeds and grass, so I spent some time digging those out as well.

Pruning and weeding is a completely FREE way you can instantly boost your curb appeal! All it takes is a bit of elbow grease.


Much better now, right?

The large evergreen shrubs on each side of the entryway need some more work, but I had to leave them to tackle another day (after I do a bit of research on how to properly prune them).


Step 2: Front Door Décor

I had purchased a standard grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby last week, along with some of their faux flowers (be sure to shop the week that the floral is 50% off!).

I also had a few stems of faux lambs ear on hand from another project, so I tossed all of that together to make a quick wreath.


And when I say quick, I mean quick!

It took me less than 10 minutes to clip the flower stems and stems and stick them into the grapevine wreath—no hot glue or floral wiring required!

Buying a pre-made wreath can be really expensive, so I have always found it worth it to make my own.

I spent about $20 total for this one, and it adds so much freshness and fun to my door!

Also, since nothing is glued on, it’s easy to pull out the floral stems and switch them up for a new season.

This way, you can use the same grapevine wreath over and over again.

To hang it, I cut off a bit of burlap ribbon I had on hand, looped it around a piece of the grapevine, tied a knot at the top, and hung it on a nail.

Easy as that (and cheaper than buying a wreath hanger!)


STEP 3: Flowers and Accents

The last step was to add in some shade plants along with some other decorative accents.

I gathered a mix of angel wing begonias, caladiums, wishbone flowers, and a HUGE asparagus fern (which is my favorite part!)


The usual front-door plan is to have 2 pots—one on each side of the door—with matching plants inside.

I like that look, but I wanted something a bit more playful, with a collected feel.

So I set on one side of the door my goat cart (gifted to me by a dear friend when we left Texas), and then balanced it out by adding 2 pots and a tall primitive rake on the right side.

If I can share one tip with you for how to set your entryway apart from everyone else on your street, it’s to add something fun and unexpected! Don’t feel like you’re limited to just pots and a wreath, especially if you have a covered doorway that is protected from the elements. Throw some other décor out there to spice things up a bit!

I’m really happy with how it all turned out! Now, if I can keep the plants alive . . . it will all be good!

Fixing up this one small area of our new house has given me a bit of momentum to start working on some other bigger project areas inside. And now that the kids are back in school, my brain has more space to think and create, so be on the watch for more house projects coming!

Thanks for being with me today, and I hope this has given you some ideas for how to can quickly and inexpensively boost your curb appeal!




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MaryJo Materazo

Monday 26th of June 2023

Looks great Melanie! You did a fabulous job. I have a goat cart by my front door too. lol. Great minds think alike. That's a very nice friend you have! XO- MaryJo

Melanie Alexander

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks Mary Jo! I lOVE my goat cart and am so thankful for the friend who gifted it to me.


Monday 26th of June 2023

Hi Melanie - These are such good tips because they are practical, not difficult to implement and not expensive. This is particularly useful advice for someone whose home in on the market.

Melanie Alexander

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks Anna! Often times we don't have to spend a ton of $$ to really make a difference, right?

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