I have to confess, I have only recently really started digging around on Instagram.

When I need inspiration I usually head to Pinterest, but lately, I’ve been taking more time to scroll through Instagram to look for decorating or display inspiration there . . . And boy, there is a ton!

Really you can find fantastic, inspiring Instagram feeds for literally any topic that interests you—pets, fashion, food, or even yoga (which has become a recent interest of mine!)

Today we’re gonna focus though on accounts that feed that love of vintage style and decor.

So if you’re like me and newer to Instagram or if you’ve just gotten stuck only looking at the same feeds over and over, I’ve got a list of 5 great Instagram accounts for you to check out.

These feeds are full of historic spaces filled with great finds, displayed in beautiful and creative ways.

And I tried to pick mainly smaller accounts that you may not have heard of already . . . So hopefully you can find some new sources of inspiration today.



This is the account of Lynn and JR, owners of a small vintage décor and furniture shop in New York.

They regularly share shots of their stunning shop displays and new finds, as well as interior photos of their 900 sq. ft cottage.

They are also retailers of Fusion Mineral Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, so from time to time you will find a beautiful furniture makeover in their feed also.



I stumbled across this feed one day and was instantly hooked! I spent at least 30 minutes scrolling through the photos of this charming account.

You will find tons of collections of the best stuff here—ironstone, enamelware, linens, flower frogs, transferware, you name it! And she has the best gallery walls I’ve ever seen!



This account is actually from Shannon, a fellow vendor at Antique Company Mall, where I have my main retail space.

She always has the most amazing displays in her booth! I think she is the queen of taking ordinary objects and making them seem like artistic statement pieces.

Her feed is definitely one to follow if you have a booth space of your own and want some creative display ideas.



This is the account of Erika Swagler and her adventures raising a family in her IL home that yes . . . is a historical landmark!

I love this account because her photos are elegant, but not pretentious.

This account was recently featured in Country Living magazine, so you can bet her following is about to grow! Be sure to go follow her now so you can say you knew her before she was famous 🙂



Nobody does collecting better than Jesse Lauzon.

His account is the one “big” account on this list, but don’t worry, his feed is still fantastic and not filled with ads and affiliate sales.

What you WILL find is some amazing, artistic, and just plain fun photos of his various vintage collections.

Also recently featured in Country Living Magazine, Jesse’s feed proves that collecting still is cool.


There you have it! I hope at least one of these accounts is new for you, and if you have any others you love, please share in the comments!



Have fun exploring these feeds!

And if you don’t follow Lost & Found on Instagram, please join me there!





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