A few weekends ago I braved the 100 degree heat and headed out to do some junkin’ at the Canton First Monday Trade Days.

If you live anywhere in the North Texas area (or even in Oklahoma or Western Arkansas), you should make the trip sometime to Canton.  It really is a fantastic market–filled with both legitimate flea market items as well as lots and lots of junk.

Speaking of that junk . . . That’s what calls my name. And without fail, in the midst of piles of junk, if I look hard enough I can usually find some fantastic treasures.

This past trip, ironstone seemed to be the theme of the day.  I bought 4 ironstone pitchers, including one giant one for only $5!  It had a break on the lip and the pieces had been glued back together, but that doesn’t bother me 🙂  I will happily add it into my collection for 5 bucks!

On top of the ironstone, my other favorite find was an old side table. I don’t know if this is the official term for this type of table, but I call it a library table because it has an angled shelf designed to house books. It needs to be painted and freshened up a bit, but the detail and carving on the table really is awesome.

The last thing I’ve been up to is playing around with a new camera and photo editing software.  My friend is looking to get rid of his higher quality camera that he bought when he had a budding wedding photography business, so he loaned it to me so I can see if it’s something I may want to invest in.

I really like the Sony a5000 camera I’ve been using for several years now, but I’m learning that its capabilities are limited. If I want to really step up my interior photography for the blog, I will likely have to upgrade cameras.

So with all that said, I decided to use my recent Canton finds as test subjects to try out my potential “new” camera.

I really enjoyed setting up a nice scene and taking some pretty pictures . . . It was good for my creativity to just play around with a vignette for a bit. Hope you enjoy the photos, and let me know if you can tell any difference in photo quality!










See that tall pitcher in the middle?  It was the $5 pitcher 🙂  And here is its mark:








Thank you for indulging me and letting me share some of my recent finds.  Happy Junkin’ to you all!

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