Blue the New Black? | Ideas for Using Blue to Decorate

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I love the color blue. It’s my favorite color, and I have it splashed throughout my home. Most of my clothes are blue, and I guess I’m lucky that I have three boys because they get to wear mostly blue too!

Given that love, I was excited to see the cover of the newest issue of the Pottery Barn Catalog the other day when I pulled it out of my mailbox.


If Pottery Barn features it on their catalog cover, you know it must be in style! I’m curious to see as the year goes on if I see more and more blue popping up in decor catalogs and blogs as people are using blue to decorate their homes and offices.

And speaking of blue . . . over the past two weeks I have moved out all of my Christmas items from my space at ACM and have moved in some new inventory.  As I was setting it all up a few days ago, I noticed something–most of it is some shade of blue! It wasn’t a conscious plan, but after all the warm colors from fall and Christmas, I think I was just longing for my cool, crisp blue again.

There is this awesome 5 gallon vintage blue lard bucket I found in NW Arkansas

Using Blue to Decorate

and this wonderful primitive blue wooden shelf I grabbed several months ago at Canton

Using Blue to Decorate

This sweet little pitcher I bought at an estate sale last weekend also has a splash of blue.

Using Blue to Decorate

And remember this green dresser?

Using Blue to Decorate

Guess what color it is now? Yep, blue.

Using Blue to Decorate

It wasn’t selling like it was, so I gave it a quick makeover with a new Maison Blanche Chalk Paint color I decided to try, Sugar Cane. It is a very light, delicate blue.  I highlighted the lines with some ASCP Old White and it has a pretty new look.


I wandered a little bit around the rest of our mall and found some more blue.

Using Blue to Decorate

Using Blue to Decorate

Using Blue to Decorate

So with all this blue, we must be in style up at the ACM.  I wonder, is blue the new black for 2014? If it is, I won’t complain!


Elizabeth and Co.


Friday 17th of January 2014

You are quite a lover of blue :) And i thought i was its biggest fan!!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

Blue is my favorite color too! I was thinking navy blue should be the color of the year!

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