Happy Weekend everyone!  There are 3 things I feel I need to tell you all:

1.  My husband left on Thursday for a 10 day out-of-country trip–yikes!  If I seem a little absent or frazzled, you know why 🙂  Thankfully, I do have some family staying with me who is helping out, but nobody can take Daddy’s place.  We anxiously await his return!

2.  I ran 18 miles on Friday morning–another yikes!  I was sick with a cold last week so I was really off my marathon training schedule.  But now I am back on track and feel so much better about my upcoming race.  I only have one more training run that is longer–a 20 mile run in two weeks–so I am just about through the toughest part, except for the actual marathon of course 🙂  My run on Friday went really well and I feel confident that I can finish strong in my training.

3.  What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t tell you what we were for Halloween?

This year we had Batman, Robin and a super cute lion.  I’m pretty sure the link scored us some extra candy.

Now, onto the real reason for this post, I want to show you the treat I bought for myself while I was working up at the antique mall a few weeks ago . . .

A gorgeous antique flow blue Johnson Brothers salad plate.  I was taking a minute to stroll through the mall and see what new inventory had come in, when I spotted this lonely plate on a shelf upstairs.

The dealer just had it labeled “blue plate” and it was only $5!!  Yay for me!!

That is one key to affordable collecting–buy pieces from people who don’t fully realize what they are selling!  Other dealers in my mall know about collectible flow blue china, and this plate would have been much more expensive in their booths.  But patience pays off–if you wander around a market or mall long enough, you will find someone who is selling an unknown treasure.

My collection is really coming along now, and it makes me smile.

This is just a sampling of some of my favorite pieces.  I do have one beautiful lidded tureen, but I need other non-plate pieces (cups, vases, pitchers, etc) to fill out my display.

I think $5 was an appropriate amount to spend on treating myself, don’t you?  I’m really not high maintenance, I promise.

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?


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