How Do You Have Time to Do All of This? (The Time Question)

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When talking about my business, I often get asked by friends and family, “how do you have time to do all of this?”

Remember–I’m mom to three little boys under the age of 6!

The short answer to that question is always “I don’t!”  There is a longer answer though that has several parts.


First, I have a wonderful, supportive, husband.  He readily gives up his own leisure time to help me with projects or watch the children for me.

He enjoys “junk” too, so working together on this venture is really a lot of fun.  Without his help though, there is no way I could maintain this business.

Second, my older two children have reached the age where they play together really well and do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves.

I can go out in the garage and work on some furniture, while they run around outside in the back and pretend ninja, or pirate, or whatever the theme of the day is.

There was a season where they were not so self-sufficient, and my youngest is entering that stage now.

But with children, everything is just a season.  So if you are a mom of youngsters and you wonder if you will ever have time again for your creative endeavors, just hold on a little longer.

And lastly, the craziness of this business really goes in spurts.

I’ll go for weeks where there are no furniture projects, and no real makeovers to do, so then the work is really light.

But then I’ll head to a market and come home with a van load of stuff that needs work, or I’ll find some great furniture pieces that need some TLC, and then things ramp us.

The past 10 days has definitely been one of those spurts of craziness!


Right now my garage is full of projects . . . there are the 3 window frames I grabbed at a garage sale, waiting for chicken wire.

Also, stacked up behind the windows is a custom mirror frame I need to get back to the owner.

And for some reason, I decided to unload a dresser of my own and start working on that; not sure why, I got a little too excited about the beautiful weather I think.


This is one-half of another major project in the works–the “His” to a “His & Hers” antique dresser set I found on craigslist. Here is the “Hers”, not yet touched.


Both pieces were really smoky, so I have to spend a few days airing them out and washing them down.  Then, both tops need to be sanded down and refinished, and then of course the painting . . . like I said, major project.

So, I remind myself it’s just a spurt right now.  In a week or two I’ll have nothing to do again.

Have a happy spring week!

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