Well it’s been awhile since yall have heard from me . . . What can I say?  Life has been a little crazy.

But to make up for my absence, I have a great furniture makeover to share with you today!


I bought this little maple chest off of a Facebook garage sale group a few weeks ago.  The owner was having trouble selling it and kept dropping the price lower and lower. I have no idea why there weren’t any takers–as soon as I saw it I was in love!  I actually offered him even less than what he was asking and he took my offer, then delivered the dresser to my house when I started having car trouble!  If only all of my furniture acquisitions were that easy.

So yes, this is a solid Birdseye Maple dresser.  And I know some of you out there are not happy with me for painting it.  But even though the wood was in pretty good shape and had a lovely pattern to it, it was very orange and very blah. It just needed something to bring a little bit of new life into it.

I am always trying to experiment with new colors in the Fusion Mineral Paint line, so I decided to try out Linen from the Designer Collection on this piece.


The little chest in this promo picture actually inspired me.  It’s close to the same size and style as mine, so I thought it would be a good fit.  And Linen is really an under-utilized color.  It does have a little brown-ish khaki to it, but also a lot of gray.  It’s a gorgeous color that can go with both cool and warm tones.

All this piece needed was a good wipe down with some spray degreasing cleaner, and it was ready to paint.  I have been using my new Fusion brushes also lately, and the brush combined with Linen’s excellent coverage made this the quickest makeover I have ever done.

One coat would have almost done the trick, but I was painting in the dark and so I missed a few spots.  A quick second coat and it was ready.  I didn’t do any distressing because I wanted all of that orange tone gone.

And like the inspiration photo, I staged the dresser in my bedroom as a nightstand.


Isn’t it pretty??  The Linen blends so beautifully with the warmer golds and reds in my duvet cover, but also coordinates well with my cool, blue wall paint.

Bedroom with Painted Chest in Fusion Mineral Paint Linen

I have a nightstand and a chest in my bedroom that need to be painted, but I have been stuck for several years on what color to use. I think now I know–Linen it will be.

And the hardware on this piece is the 2nd best original hardware I have ever seen (click here to see the first).



What the Fusion brushes help provide is a super-smooth finish.  I have been made a believer.


This little dresser looks so pretty in my room that I’m going to leave it there for a few days and just pretend it’s going to stay 🙂

Eventually though, it will make its way up to ACM to be sold.

Makeover using Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Linen

So the pretty birdseye pattern is gone, but the curves and detail of this lovely little dresser are now highlighted as the main focal point.  And if you really, really, really hate the idea of painting birdseye maple, the good news is that you can take the paint off 🙂


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