Sales have been a little slow lately in my Antique Company Mall booth space. They usually take a dip around November and start to slowly rise back up by mid-March.  This year though, my sales seem to be taking longer than normal to recover, and that has had me asking some questions.

I picked the brains of a few of my fellow dealers as well as some close friends, asking them what I may be doing wrong or what I could do better. The consensus was clear–I needed more inventory!

With all of the work I’ve been putting into getting my Fusion paint in stock and promoted, my pickin’ has taken a bit of a backseat.  Plus, it seems like every other week somebody in my family is sick or the weather is terrible and so I can’t make it to my regular flea markets.  I know . . . poor me, whine, whine!

I do think it’s true though that keeping inventory fresh and heavily stocked does affect sales in this type of market.  As one friend told me, “People like to dig!”  So after visiting an estate sale last weekend and going through my boxes of back inventory in my garage, I hauled up a ton of items to the booth on Thursday.

I don’t think anyone can accuse my space of looking empty now!  My remade Fusion-painted drop leaf table was dried, cured, and ready to put out, which gave me a chance to add some height to my display.
My redesigned and repositioned display shelf, about as full as I think I can get it!
I brought in this lovely collection of Blue Willow china, which was part of my estate sale find last weekend. I believe all of the plates are chipped, but that doesn’t bother me so much.  I collect and display more out of love for a piece rather that out of value, so chipped pieces aren’t much of a problem for me.  I do love the crazing inside this super old creamer and teacups though!
These ballet shoes also came from the estate sale.  They are the first pair I have ever found for sale. I have to admit, I tried them on before I tagged them!  I so desperately wanted to be a ballerina when I was a little girl 🙂
I honestly forgot I had this collection of sugar and flour sacks in my garage!  These came from a local garage sale.  The sellers mother had quite a collection of primitive items.

When my mom came in town a few weeks ago, she also brought with her a huge collection of items from my grandfather’s shed. He passed away several years ago, and she was ready to go through and clean out some of his stored items.  Like me, she saw the value in many of his pieces, instead of just declaring it all junk.

I added her items into a display with this cool industrial work bench I bought at a flea market in January. 

I’ve been waiting to have the right items to display with it, and with my mom’s haul I now have plenty of vintage industrial items to go along with it!
Lost & Found is now filled to the brim!

And I did also bring in more stock of Fusion Mineral Paint, and a few more informational display pieces.

I am particularly proud of my color chart.
I would love to walk you through how I made it in another post.

So, everybody can come shop now!  I have plenty of items to dig through, and I think everybody can find something they like.

OH YEAH, one more thing . . . my online sales page for Fusion Mineral Paint is NOW OPEN!! Click on the tab on my main menu to be taken to the products page where you can look through the colors and products available. We have worked to make our shipping rates very competitive, so please pass me along to your friends as a great online source for Fusion!


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