Want to know what I got my husband for our anniversary?


This lovely pair of old cabinets!  Haha!

You may think I’m joking, but I’m not.  Now before you go thinking I am a terrible wife, let me explain . . .

My husband and I typically don’t do large anniversary gifts.  We will go out and celebrate, but our anniversary is right after both of our birthdays, so another gift feels a little repetitive. Also, we have nothing against giving each other practical gifts, when we do give them.  He gave me my own pair of work gloves as part of my Christmas gift, and I was stoked.

The story on this specific gift though . . . If there is one thing my husband desperately wants in our home, it’s more storage. He is typically a very content person, but he does long for easy places to put more things away.

So when I spotted these cabinets while wandering around our local Habitat for Humanity Restore the week of our anniversary, I thought they would make a nice gift.

Usually I get to pick and plan the DIY projects for our house, but these repurposed cabinets were going to be ALL HIS, to use in whatever fashion he would like. Amazingly, they were marked 75% off price, and I got them both for $25!  Not too bad for ready made storage.

So after we both had a good chuckle upon him receiving his gift, he decided that he wanted to use the one with the drawers in our laundry room, and put the other on our porch.  Not too long afterwards, he asked if he could use some Fusion paint to remake his cabinet for the porch, and I of course lovingly offered him free range to pick any color he wanted 🙂  (Do you know about Fusion Mineral Paint yet?)

He settled on Lily Pond, one of the colors from the Fusion Designer Collection. *Note, this color has been discontinued. For a similar color, try Brook*

lily pond

I had used Lily Pond as part of a custom mix on a vanity makeover, but not yet at full strength. I agreed though that the green would make a lovely color for the outdoors.

He did give the cabinet a wipe down with a vinegar/water mix, then a light sanding with medium grit sandpaper, but that was the end of the prep.  One side of the cabinet was unfinished–just particle board–and I was a little concerned about how the Fusion would perform in that spot.

I tried talking him into tacking on a thin piece of plywood over that side, but he was ready to try painting the piece as it was.  I’m glad I let him because the Fusion painted just fine on the particle board, and not tacking on additional wood saved us money and time.

So here is my husband’s first Fusion project:

repurposed cabinet

It’s a little rough in places . . . he didn’t paint the inside or the toe kick, but since it’s going to sit on our porch I don’t think it really matters.  Overall, he did a great job updating this cabinet!

repurposed cabinet

He decided to leave the doors off so we can have lots of open storage.  There is ample room there for pots, shovels, etc.  He fashioned the top out of plywood and the same leftover cedar pickets we used for our upstairs vanity top. The sheet of plywood was glued and screwed into the cabinet, then the cedar pickets were screwed in on top.  A light sanding and one coat of stain finished off the cedar and made it look a little more upscale, rather that just like fence boards!

Fusion is an awesome choice for a project like this, since it cures up to be 100% waterproof! The cedar too is plenty durable for the top–remember its normal use is in fencing?

So for $12.50, plus some leftover materials, we have a pretty little potting bench/cabinet for our porch.  And I have a happier husband, who now has more storage outside, and one more cabinet to use for inside.

See, they weren’t such bad anniversary gifts after all!

As always, you can shop for all Fusion Mineral Paint in my online store 🙂 


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