The family and I are back from Nashville!  We had the most incredible weather while we were there–high 70’s and low 80’s, which was a wonderful break from the already high Texas summer heat.  Later this week I will post more about our trip and some of the neat things we saw, including our trip to Antique Archeology and my almost run-in with Mike Wolfe (the American Picker, himself).

For now though, I just want to tell you about one thing that I found while in Nashvile. Our car was packed to the brim, so I hadn’t planned on doing any picking since we had no room to carry anything back to Texas.  When I saw this one item though, I just had to have it.  

I’m calling her The Pink Lady, and yes, she works.  I found her on the floor of a small 50% shelving section tucked away in the corner of a ritzy downtown Franklin antique decor store.

I asked the lady working the counter what she knew of her history, and all she could get from the shop owner was that the lamp was a find many, many years ago outside Atlanta and had been sitting in the shop’s basement for quite some time.  

She appears to be made out of plaster of paris, is about a foot and a half tall, and very heavy.

I realize some of you are probably thinking, “Melanie, that is the tackiest thing I have ever seen!”  Part of me agrees with you . . . she is unbelievably tacky!  But strangely enough, she is also beautiful at the same time. 

Take a minute to look at her detail . . . she is wearing elbow-length white gloves, which makes her a quite demur southern lady!
Vintage Lamp
She has piercing blue eyes and eyelashes we all would die for.
Vintage Lamp
And I love her bouquet of calla lilies. The bright yellow and turquoise green of the flowers, along with the pink of her dress is so bold and demands your attention.  She says, “Look at me!
I have no idea of her age, but her back-side rustiness gives her away as a real oldie.

She isn’t my personal style, but I know that someone is going to walk by her in my booth space and have a perfect spot for her.  

She is just so unique, and finds like her are exactly what I love the most about this business of hunting down vintage decorative pieces.  I mean, where else have you ever since a giant lady in pink dress lamp base?  Never!!

So even though she is tacky, her once-of-a-kindness must be appreciated.  I hope you can see the beauty in her too.

Stay tuned for more of Nashville!


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