First off, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who emailed me and commented on the last post I shared.  This has been such a warm and encouraging community and I appreciate you all so much!

As I mentioned at the end of that post, I have some new things coming for Lost & Found in 2018 that I am so excited to share with you!

I feel like my brain has been in super-creative mode these past six months, thinking about new ways I can use Lost & Found to serve others–and I’m so glad it’s finally time to get some of it OUT of my head!

I absolutely love painting and working on my furniture makeovers, but I love even more teaching and helping others grow. Since the very start of this blog, the posts I have always enjoyed writing the most have been my “small business” advice posts.

Now I know I’m no Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet, but I think I’ve done a pretty darn good job at taking this little antique booth thing and growing it into something that actually makes an income and blesses my family!

My heart has always been, along the way, to help others learn the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve built this home-based business over the past 6 years.


1) Furniture Flipper eBook (2nd edition) Coming Next Week

Besides writing my occasional business tips post, the first way I really tried to step out and help teach others was with the release of my ebook, Furniture Flipper back in January of 2016

You can read more about why I wrote Furniture Flipper here

Well, it’s been almost 2 years and so it was time to update her a little! I had some new stuff I’ve learned and new information I wanted to add, plus I wanted to overhaul the look of it to make it more professional.

So the 2nd edition of Furniture Flipper is almost here!

Now I want to be clear that this is NOT a book about furniture painting techniques!

A few people along the way purchased and downloaded the book thinking they would find paint reviews and step by step makeover techniques . . . and they were not happy!

It is rather a business guide which attempts to give you everything you need to take your painting hobby to the next level of an actual business.

Some of the new additions to the 2nd edition include more tips on how to manage custom work (including a sample custom work contract you can customize for your business), more information on pricing your pieces to sell, and some additional tax and business setup info.

My hope is for Furniture Flipper to be a basic go-to reference for anyone just starting out in this business.


2) Now Offering 1 – on – 1 Creative Business Coaching

Another new venture I want to try out this year is opening some personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

This has actually been something my husband has been urging me to do for about two years now . . . I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to warm up to the idea of it!

I guess because I had to make sure I felt like I had something to offer? I don’t know, it’s hard sometimes feeling confident enough in yourself to take a step forward in your business.

I get a lot of emails and facebook messages from other paint retailers, furniture painters, and antique booth owners asking for business help, so it seemed like it would be a helpful service to offer.

I’m still working out the kinks of exactly what would be offered and how many slots I have open, but if you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can talk details!


3) Online Paint Workshops Coming Late January

Another thing my husband has been urging me to do is offer more video how-to’s (if you can’t tell, he is the brains behind this business). Y’all, it’s hard to get in front of a camera!

But, as I’ve been doing more regular Facebook lives over these past few months I’ve grown more and more comfortable talking to the screen, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and film two video workshops!

I teach local Fusion and MMS Milk Paint workshops here in the Dallas area, but half of my paint customers don’t live here!

Those customers of mine would never be able to attend a painting workshop so I want to bring the workshops to them!



The online workshops will be available for purchase right in my online shop for anyone who wants to attend a 101 workshop but may not have a local retailer!

Both workshops will be accessible here on my site via a password and set up for you to work through at your own pace.

In each workshop, I walk through the exact same material I walk through in my local workshop along with painting the same sample boards.

Workshop Supply Kits Too

To make it easy on you, our plan is to have kits available for additional purchase (U.S. only, videos will be international though!) that will have the sample boards and test sizes of all paint and products I use in the videos.

OR you can choose to source your own products (and pick your own colors!) or use some paint and products you may already have.

You can even come back to watch the videos again anytime you like, trying out new products and techniques as you go!

We have finished filming and are in the final editing stages!

My hope is to have these available at the end of January sometime–yay! If you want to know when these are released please be sure to join my subscriber list (which you can do here) if you haven’t already.


4) MMS Milk Paint Being Added to My New Online Shop

Speaking of paint . . .  My online shop is being completely rebuilt as we speak!

I really wanted to add MMS Milk Paint into my shop and my current system was way too clunky to make that work  So, hopefully any day now will be open for business!

You will be able to access it directly at that address or still through my main blog and homepage.

My goal is that it will be much easier to navigate and find the products needed, and also easier for me to showcase new products I get in stock. And of course, you will be able to now shop for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint right alongside with Fusion!

Well, I think that’s it.

Wait! No, I forgot!

4 1/2 Online Busines Course

I also have an online course in the works that will focus on teaching people how to run a successful booth or market business–whether you sell furniture, decor, paint, or whatever else. I would love to help people learn how to actually make money running a booth and how to have it be a blessing and not a burden.  Hoping to get that going in early Spring!

Ok, that really is all of it now.

I’m excited to have some new things in the hopper, and of course to continue hunting down vintage treasures and furniture to makeover. And I so appreciate YOU joining me on this adventure!


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You can visit us on Facebook here.

Here’s to a happy and paint-filled 2018!




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