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Furniture Flipper: A Short Guide to Starting Your Own Furniture Painting Business 

My ebook is now available for download!

I feel giddy 🙂

I have always wanted to write a book. But I never thought the first book I write though would be about flipping furniture!

Funny how life takes you places you didn’t expect to go.

Seriously though, this little 40-page book has been a labor of love.  I have been writing, editing, and formatting since last summer.  And long before that, I was brainstorming topics and trying to motivate myself to actually get something onto paper (or screen!).

Why have I spent so much time working to write and release this ebook?

To make loads and loads of money, of course! Haha.  Not really.

Yes, generating a little extra income is always nice. But truthfully, the biggest reason I decided to write this book is that it became very clear to me there was a need for this information.

Over the 3 years of having this blog, the Google search terms that consistently land people on my page are things like:

Furniture Flipper

Learn how you can start your own business by restoring vintage finds and flipping furniture for profit.

“selling painted furniture”

“start your own furniture painting business”

“flipping furniture for profit”

“painted furniture for sale”

“how to make money painting furniture”

“how to sell painted furniture”

Are you seeing a theme here?

Not only that, but just about every day my most-read posts are those that deal with the topic of running your own furniture makeover business: Tips for Making Money Painting Furniture, Do’s and Don’s of Painting Furniture, 5 More Tips to Make Money Painting Furniture.

But here’s the really fun part 🙂

If you do a Google search for “how to make money painting furniture” or just about any other logical variation of those words, do you know what you find in the 1st place spot? Me 🙂

It’s been that way for well over a year now, and tickles me pink.  Somehow, I have managed to become some sort of online, authoritative voice on this topic.

There are few things that I enjoy more in life than sharing information with people that they find helpful, useful, or valuable.

If there are consistently people out there who want to know how I started my business and how they can start one similar, then I am so excited to share all I know with them.

So that’s why I wrote Furniture Flipper.


A few other notes on the book itself . . .

It’s not meant to be an exhaustive, how-to, on small business operations.

It’s only 40 pages, so it could be read in one sitting, and is designed more as basic primer on the ins and outs of what this business looks like.


start your own furniture painting business


I do talk in the book about what paint I use and why, but I don’t go through the actual process of how to refinish and paint pieces.

I am assuming if that if a reader is interested in starting your own furniture flipping business, they already have some basic knowledge of those skills.

Maybe in another ebook I can tackle all of my various furniture refinishing processes . . . 🙂


How to Start your Own Furniture Painting Business

But what if you have no plans to start your own furniture makeover business? Is there anything in Furniture Flipper for you?

While obviously the majority of the information relates directly to the furniture makeover field, I do think if you run any sort of home-based, creative business you can find helpful information in Furniture Flipper.

No matter what you create and sell, putting together a business plan, setting up a good record-keeping system, and finding the right place to sell your items is a must for your business.

You can download your own copy of Furniture Flipper now for $8.99.  My promise to you is that you are getting a product that is written and formatted in a professional manner, and that is filled with practical information for a furniture makeover business.

My hope is that Furniture Flipper may meet the need that is so obviously out there for this information.

As those Google searches keep landing on my page, there will now be the option to access all I’ve ever written on the topic plus so much more in one place. Happy Furniture Flipping 🙂


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