Today marks the 9th day since my spinal surgery (wondering why? Read about that here), and it’s for sure been the best day yet!

Thank you so much to everyone who left encouraging comments here as well as on my Facebook page and Instagram feed! I really felt the care and prayers of this online community and I so appreciate it.

This is a photo of me with my hubby, looking ever so tired about 2 hours post op.



Thankfully, I only had to wear the neck brace for 4 days . . . That thing was no fun.

And here I am on Day 5, looking a little peppier but sporting the not-so-attractive incision mark on my neck.



I apologize for my son’s lovely facial expression . . . Try to take a picture with an 8 year old boy though, and this is what you will get every time!

Yes–they went in to work on my spine through the front, which has kinda freaked most people out. I guess it’s considered less invasive than going through the back of the neck where most of the neck and shoulder muscles are.

I’ll spare you rest of the icky details–so far my recovery is going very well.  Two more weeks before I can return to most of my regular activities, and another 2 months of some lifting and exercise restrictions, then hopefully back to a normal life after that!

I am so glad to be moving on from this chapter . . . Ready for new things in 2017!



Now onto other things . . .

I wanted to share with you about a major booth overhaul I finished up right before my surgery.  Say hello to the new Lost & Found Fusion Mineral Paint Display!



It’s expanded to fill an entire wall of my Antique Company Mall booth space, to give more room to display the full range of colors and products better.




Every color now has its own display jar with hand painted sample sticks customers can take home for free. I wanted to give customers the chance to compare the various shades of colors and see how they look with the decor in their own home and lighting.



The Michael Penny Designer Collection Colors are all in my painted cabinet, along with the finishing products and brushes.




I also put together a new Custom Blend display. I combined the color cards in one frame, so customers can see and get the mixing recipes for 32 custom colors.



Something about looking at all of those bright circles of color makes me happy 🙂



By the way, all of these cards and mixing recipes are now available to view online as well in my shop, you can click here to take a look through them.

And next to the custom blends are 3 painted display trim pieces that show the paint’s natural finish and with 3 different topcoats.



These are attached to the wall with velcro, so customers can take them off and feel the smoothness of the finish.

Along the outer edges of my booth I have my furniture pieces set up along with a few vintage finds. I will be adding in more as I get back out to the flea markets after recovering a little more.

My Color of the Month display cycles through as well, still Cranberry for a few more days!



There you have it! If you’re local to the Dallas area, I would love for you to stop in! It was a big project, but I’m happy with how it turned out and I think my customers will have an easier time exploring all the great products.



Be sure to check back in a few days to see what the March Color of the Month will be–it’s a good one!!



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