Sometimes an old piece of furniture doesn’t need any paint at all to bring it back to life.

Like this antique oak chest of drawers I found recently at my local ReStore.

Antique Oak Chest of Drawers Revived with Hemp Oil

Beautiful, warm, solid oak.  About as sturdy of a piece of furniture as you will ever find!

It had seen many years, you could tell from all the dings and scratches. The oak had also dried out and the finish looked dull.

The straight lines and solid oak on this piece just didn’t scream “Paint Me!” It had that masculine, almost vintage industrial feel, and I think keeping it stained wood would better suit that style. So I decided to use just some Hemp Oil instead to revive it.

Really this was about as easy of a makeover as you can get!

Applying Hemp Oil to old wood is super easy:

  • Wipe off any obvious dirt or debris
  • Dip a brush or rag in the oil
  • Wipe on, then wipe back any excess after 5-10 minutes


You will see it make an instant change in the wood, and it’s so gratifying!

So those were my steps for this makeover!

The bigger knicks and dings in the wood are still noticeable, but the Hemp Oil buffed out all of the light scratches. The overall difference is subtle, but the wood just doesn’t look so “thirsty” anymore.

And the finish now has a bit of a shine again. It’s not quite so dull and lifeless.

These natural, rustic pieces are becoming more and more popular in my area. They really work with that farmhouse, primitive style.

Sometimes it’s nice to just leave things simple.

This lovely little chest is for sale at my Antique Company Mall Retail location for $195.

You can grab your own bottle of Hemp Oil at either of my 2 local Dallas area locations, or shop with me online 🙂

Thanks for being with me today!


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