Last month we packed up the van and headed out on the 8-hour (if we’re lucky!) drive to visit my family back in Memphis, TN.

The boys were super excited to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and most of all their cousins. I was excited to see my family too, but also fired up to go hunt down some good junk!

It’s funny how flea market shopping can be so regional.

There are certain things I tend to find over and over again here in Texas, and totally different things that show up back in Tennessee and Arkansas.

Memphis itself is an older area with an older population than Dallas, so I’ve learned to try and leave a bit of extra room in the van–I always find great treasures when I go visit!

This trip, I wanted specifically to stop by Southern Vintage Company, an antique/vintage mall in the suburb of Bartlett.

Two of the ladies–Paula and Lee Ann, who were a part of my Booth Seller Bootcamp back this spring have booths in this shop and I couldn’t wait to see their spaces!

** Side note–my Booth Seller Bootcamp is opening up again in September! You can join the waitlist here**

It turns out both of my shopping partners (aka my mom and sister) were already familiar with Southern Vintage Company and had been there many times.

So off we went one afternoon, while all the kiddos stayed back and went swimming.

The shop did not disappoint!

We shopped for about 2 hours and I found a cartload of stuff! I also got to visit Paula and Lee Ann’s booths, and meet the owner of the shop, Mindy, as well.

Here I am taking a dumb looking selfie in front of Lee Ann’s booth.

Don’t be frightened by the crazed look in my eyes! I just can’t seem to get this selfie thing down!



And a random funny story–my mom spotted this small, painted box for sale in Lee Ann’s booth that was actually a box she herself had painted with some Fusion Mineral Paint and sold to Lee Ann on a Facebook site!



It’s like 6 degrees of Junk Separation πŸ™‚

When it was all said and done, I found a few things to keep for myself, and lots of things to take back to sell at my own booth space.


A Look at My Finds

I thought this vintage cross-stitch was a hoot! Read it closely to make sure you get the joke πŸ™‚



Here’s a beautiful sugar canister, a freezer jar, large tin, and Big Ben clock.



The pattern on the freezer jar was incredible, and I was particularly drawn to the lid.



Isn’t that gorgeous?

The red tin had the prettiest illustration of a hummingbird on the top with some amazing colors.



Speaking of tins, here’s a few more along with an old set of lego-style blocks.



I love the illustration on this one!



And these are by far, the most beautiful and unique vintage paint by number pictures I have ever found!



The little girl with the kittens and boy with the puppy . . . just perfect!

All of those things have made their way up to my booth space.


These next two things I bought just for me!

First, this large-sized chippy blue kitchen scale!



I’ve been on the hunt for a blue scale for a while now, and they are hard to find! When I see theme online they are usually quite expensive too.

This one was a steal and I knew from the moment I saw it, it was going straight to my kitchen.

But I think this is my favorite find . . .



Another vintage Large Supper print to add to my collection!

If you haven’t seen my others, here’s 2 in my kitchen,


and 2 more in my living room.

So this makes #5.

I’m not 100% certain where it will go–probably with the 2 in the living room.

I love the details of these guys’ faces though!



Will I buy more Last Supper prints if I can find them? YES! Absolutely πŸ™‚

I’m on the hunt for a paint by number one actually, so if you see one, let me know!


So there you have it! What do you think of my haul?

If you’re in the Memphis area, be sure to stop by Southern Vintage Company sometime and tell them I sent you πŸ™‚

Happy Junkin!











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