Make Money as a Booth Seller

4-Weeks of Booth Business Coaching

to turn your hobby into an actual business

Make Money
as a Booth

4-Weeks of
Booth Business Coaching

to turn your hobby into
an actual business


Know what works and have a plan

Never Worry About Covering Your Rent

Have fun and bless your family

The majority of booth vendors barely scrape by

What’s it worth for you to make a legitimate profit every month?

How much money are you already wasting on your business?

How is the stress of your business already costing you and your family

But it doesn’t have to stay that way


Have a plan that works

Most people are worried it’s not going to go the way they want, but the Booth Sellers Bootcamp will give you a plan so you can have the confidence to know you’re doing it right.

Make rent every month

Kick your rent worries to the curb! For the past 10 years, I’ve made a profit buying and reselling things. I’ll show you how to make sure you make more than you spend so that your booth becomes the money maker it should be.

Bless your family

You already repaint stuff, shop at flea markets, or go junk hunting at estate sales. This Bootcamp will teach you to do more of that so you can bless your family and have fun at the same time!

Your Investment


to transform your
Booth Business

Who Should Take the Booth Seller Bootcamp?

Existing booth sellers

If you have an existing booth space and want to get more out of your space so you can make more money and potentially expand in the future, then my Bootcamp will work.

Beginning booth sellers

Launch your booth business with confidence by following a proven system for making more than you spend and finding the right products to sell.

Potential booth sellers

How does it work? What does it cost? What if I fail? If you’ve been considering starting a booth based business, then this Bootcamp is your opportunity to get answers to your questions and be inspired to take the next steps.

Praise for the Booth Seller’s Bootcamp

I LOVED this class!

I have learned so much and I am looking forward to implementing more of the ways to expand my booth business. 

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that wants to improve their booth business skills!

Paula Jolly

This class was DEFINITELY worth the $$. 

I’ve been a booth seller for almost a year now and still learned a lot from this course. 

Other booth sellers tend to not like to help newbies or share information so it was great to have a reliable person to learn from!

Kathy Smith

Melanie was so knowledgeable.

She took her real-life experience and put it all into a manageable 4-week course.

It was all done on my time & I was excited every Monday to get my email with the week’s videos.

Janet Hume

3 Steps to Growing Your Booth Business

Open Now!

Join the community

Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to join the private Booth Seller Bootcamp Facebook group.

This is where you’ll get to hang out with other Bootcamp members, and also where our weekly Live coaching sessions will take place.

Complete the 4-week course

You’ll receive all the materials and info to access the private Boothseller Bootcamp website.

That’s where the videos and “homework” are stored. And you can start learning as soon as you’re ready.

Grow your business!

From here you’ll have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make your business into what you want it to be!

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed

Unfortunately, as a booth seller, there are very few resources to help you succeed.

In fact, most people who do it barely cover their costs…yet every month they keep trying.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Booth Seller’s Bootcamp will teach you what you need to make your business work for you.

Here’s what you’ll get.

4 weeks of laser-focused content

with answers to the questions you’re already asking.

The basics of getting started plus what licenses you may need to keep things legit with the government.

Know why picking the right location will make or break your business

Learn the secret sauce to becoming the booth vendor every mall owner wants


My #1 tip to walk away with money in your pocket every month, and a proven plan to keep it that way


How to use social media to build relationships with customers and ultimately increase your sales (without going crazy!)


How to define your brand and why that will keep you focused and boost your sales


Discover how to set yourself up for future growth so you can make more than you did the year before…every year.

Is Bootcamp Right for Me?

I remember the day I signed the lease for my first booth space at the local antique mall. I was excited.

But I was also terrified. I kept thinking, “Can I really do this?

I knew that I loved finding old things to sell and repainting furniture, but I wasn’t sure if people would like my stuff or if anyone would like what I had to offer.

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While so many people become booth sellers, there are very few resources to help people do it well. In fact, most people who do it barely cover their costs…yet every month they keep trying. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With more 10 years of experience of buying and reselling, I have learned the ins and outs of running a small booth based business. In fact, I have made a profit (beyond covering my rent) each and every month I’ve been in business. And I would be honored to show you how to do the exact same thing.

With the 4 WEEK Booth Sellers Bootcamp, I’ll show you that it IS possible to make money in a way that’s fun, that’s rewarding, that fits in with the time you have available, and blesses you and your family for years to come.

To take the Booth Sellers Bootcamp:

1: Sign up for the Booth Sellers Bootcamp.

2. Join the private Booth Sellers Bootcamp Facebook coaching group. 

3. Go through the training.

4. Start building and enhancing your booth-based business. 

Without a plan, you’ll still be stuck right where you are.

You’ll still be worried or trying to figure out why it’s not going the way you thought it would go.

Take the Booth Sellers Bootcamp, and you’ll learn how to set yourself up for a win every month, and you’ll go from being scared of failure to making legitimate income every single month.

Sign up for the Booth Sellers Bootcamp.

After 4 Weeks Of Bootcamp You Will…

Conquer rent worries

Conquer the monthly anxiety of “will I make rent this month?”

Have a plan that works

Develop a reliable plan to manage your cash flow and maximize your sales.

Know what to sell

Gain clarity with “what to sell” through defining your brand.

Have a social media plan

Stop your fear of social media, and begin to build a fan base that will want to buy from you.

Be excited about payday

Look forward to getting paid each month because you’ll know you’re making money.

View your business differently

See your business as a launching pad for bigger adventures.

Once you sign up you’ll also receive:

How to Be a Flea Market & Estate Sale Ninja

my quick guide to finding great stuff at a great price 

Plus, within a few days, you’ll be added to the Bootseller’s Bootcamp Facebook Coaching Group where you can introduce yourself, get to know the others taking the class, and eventually participate in the weekly LIVE coaching sessions.

Imagine what it will feel like to know

that you’re going to make money every month.

And also knowing how to keep growing!




After this 4 week bootcamp,

you will move from:


  • being frustrated to having focus


  • feeling all-over-the-map to taking intentional steps that work


  • worrying that you’re a burden to your loved ones to blessing your family with a fun way to make regular income


Are you ready?

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