Farm Table & French Statues

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This past Friday it snowed here in Texas.  It was only maybe a half inch of snow, but still enough for my kids to be excited about it.  Typical of Texas weather though, two Fridays ago it was a sunny 70 degrees.  Thankfully, the monthly Canton market coincided with the nice warm Friday.  I enjoyed wandering around there for a few hours in the nice sun, much more I’m sure than I would have enjoyed going in the cold, wet snow.


Can you believe that pile of junk?  It’s amazing! Canton is huge and filled with a wide array of items, from new homemade trinkets, to high end antiques, to tables full of “junk”.  I like to tend towards the junk areas myself.  If I dig around long enough, I can always find some neat things.  Here’s a quick snapshot of my finds from this month’s Canton.

DSC06851I took home this great piece of architectural trim, along with a matching horizontal piece. You see these alot in white, but not often in other colors.

There was plenty of tarnished silver plate also, enough to really re-stock my space.



My favorite of all the silver is this creamer engraved “Officer’s Club, RAF, Chicksands”. RAF stands for “Royal Air Force”, which is a unit of the British military. Chicksands is a military base in England (now closed, I believe).  I wonder how this made it all the way to Texas?


Something more American . . . a drawer made out of an old Remington shotgun shell box.


My bigger find was this awesome 4-seater farm table.


The lady I purchased it from said when she found it, plywood pieces were nailed to the top and those were covered in fabric.  She was ecstatic to take off that wood and find the awesome, weathered paint finish below on the original top.


The base is solid maple, and has a really beautiful, slightly green tone.


It’s going to make a great little breakfast table for someone.  My favorite finds of all though are these French figure statues.


They are unmarked, and the dealer didn’t happen to know any more about them.  I’m unsure of their age and maker, but I was attracted to their worn patina.


Flecks of paint are wearing off, and they’re chipped in several places.  But I just love them!


If they had been in perfect condition, they would never have attracted my eye.  It is their “damage” that I think makes them so unique and beautiful.


Check out those red lips! He must have put some lipstick on.

All these awesome pieces are now up at my Antique Company Mall space, waiting for a new owner.  Thought you might enjoy a peek though at what you can find if you dig through enough “junk”!

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Rick Wheeler

Saturday 5th of July 2014

Of all the items you have listed here, my favorite is also the silver creamer from RAF Chicksands as I was stationed there in the late 80's. The USAF did close it in 1995 or rather it returned to british control and is now a training facility.


Saturday 5th of July 2014

Hi Rick! Thanks so much for the extra information about the Chicksands base. I actually still have that little creamer, if you're interested in it I could easily ship it. Just let me know. I'm so glad there is someone else who appreciates it's uniqueness!


Monday 10th of March 2014

So many treasures to see!!


Saturday 22nd of February 2014

Super finds!


Saturday 15th of February 2014

What great finds!

Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

Saturday 15th of February 2014

You found some serious treasures in that pile! Good digging! My favorite is probably that table, I'd stick it in the middle of my kitchen and, I don't know, either use it every day, or never use it for fear of messing it up, ha ha. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

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