My Fall Home Decor Tour (Fail!)

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It’s that time of year where Pinterest and blogs everywhere explode with fall home decor and craft ideas.  After the long, hot summer it seems like we are all ready to usher in fall with great pomp and circumstance.

The Alexander household here is no exception! We are thrilled to be welcoming fall, and so I have decked out my house in my best and most creative fall decor.  Come tour with me!

To start with, there’s my kitchen table:DSC02205It’s piled high with supplies for my fall wreath project, as well as my kids’ graded papers from last week and unfinished homework assignments–all of which just screams “Fall is Here!”

And my mantle is just stunning too.DSC02212It’s emptiness echoes the approaching emptiness of the trees as they shed their leaves . . . or something like that.  The addition of a casually placed Pokemon card book reminds me of my two oldest childrens’ recent birthdays, which happen to coincide with the coming of fall each year. It’s a perfect addition to the arrangement.

This chest in my entry area is  a great place to show off some more hints of fall, so I made sure to add in a 8 x 10 of my youngest’s most recent photo. DSC02213It’s lack of frame speaks to the regular rhythm of our fall schedules–we have been so busy with school, soccer, business, etc that I can’t seem to find time to actually buy a frame for it.  Ahh, Fall!

And the play area, isn’t it lovely? DSC02219 Hmm, I must have forgotten to add my fall decor there. Oops.

Wait a minute!  Surely I decorated the top of my piano for fall.DSC02207Ummm,  I guess I missed that spot too.  Unless you count the lower temperature setting of that thermostat’s AC as fall decor.

But look–I spotted something in the kitchen that really is fall!DSC02200See? I did decorate for fall . . . except I actually bought that pumpkin to cook and eat.  Can I count it anyway though?

To be perfectly honest, as I have browsed through Pinterest and all of the online Fall Home Tours going on right now, I have felt like a decorative and blogging failure.  I don’t have anything “fall pretty” inside my home to show you at all.  I have been so inspired by the beautiful posts I have seen and the creative fall decor that is out there, but I just can’t seem to get my act in gear and get any of it into my own home.

Fall really is a crazy, busy season for our family.  When school starts back, things kick into high gear.  We have our kids’ school schedules, sports practices and games, ministry involvements for both my husband and I, birthdays, and an annual 10-day, out of country trip for my husband in late October.  Add onto that our recent trip to Disney, and I am just wiped out. The thought of putting up a bunch of seasonal decor just doesn’t excite me this year.

And really, I share this to remind my readers that I am just a normal person.  Sometimes I can pull off impressive things, but sometimes I can’t.  This fall is a season in my life where I’m not going to be able to impress you with my home decor.  All I can think about when I consider putting some of it out is , “That’s just more I have to dust around . . .” or “How am I going to keep my kids from messing with that?”

Do you ever feel like your home doesn’t measure up?  I sure do.  But remember, home decor is personal.  Whatever you use to make your space beautiful should also be comfortable for your family.  Ultimately, the thing that makes our homes most beautiful is when we live in them with a peaceful heart.  So, decorate away, but if the thought of more stuff to dust just makes you cringe, take a deep breath and let it go.  Your family will enjoy a happy you more than a nice table display.

There is one place in my home that I have added some fall touches, and that is outside.DSC02176My littlest one and I played in the dirt together yesterday and added some beautiful, cool fall color to my front flower beds. I’m excited to show you more of that in my next post.  And since I am a home decor and DIY blogger, I will talk more about cool color fall decor schemes, in case you are inspired to break out the pumpkins 🙂

Y’all go be at peace 🙂



Saturday 11th of October 2014

Visiting you from the Sits girls blog hop today. I don't know what your home usually looks like, but I for one am encouraged to see that you haven't decorated for fall either! Love your honesty and the "real" pictures!

Fonda Rush

Friday 10th of October 2014

Thank you for keepin it real. Someone has to.

chris aka monkey

Friday 10th of October 2014

woohoo i am glad we are not the only daughter and hubs and i lived together with 2 young grandsons for me to play with ages 1 and 2 getting on the dining table is a favorite spot for them we must haul them off fifty times a decorating is almost out of the questions maybe in a few more years ..your post was a hoot thanks xx


Friday 10th of October 2014

hi melanie, thanks for the laugh i had this morning. as much as I love looking at all the blogs i feel the same way..:)


Friday 10th of October 2014

You're welcome Monica. Glad it made you smile.

Ann Marie Byrd

Friday 10th of October 2014

Melanie, this was a hoot! Great use of irony. I understand completely. Because we acquired so many boxes and pieces of furniture fafter my mom's death this summer, we are still bumping into boxes and furniture still needing to be absorbed or donated.. But autumn is a lovely season.


Friday 10th of October 2014

Thanks Ann Marie. I agree, autumn is lovely and actually my favorite time of year. This year though, life seems to be moving a little too fast and my decorative juices just aren't flowing. Hope you can make some progress on going through your mom's items. I'm sure that is quite a job and once that requires a good bit of time and emotional energy.

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