Being A Momprenuer During Dog Days of Summer

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We’re in that end of the summer “survival mode” around here, so it’s a little chaotic around my house.

It’s been 100+ degrees for 13 days in a row now, and we have 13 more days to go before school starts.

We’ve done about all the fun things you could possibly do in the Dallas area, so now we’re just cranking up the AC and watching movies to make it through each day.

I thought I would give you a quick snapshot of what things look like around here right now.  I’ve got several big projects going, and because it’s too hot to work in my garage, my business stuff has taken over my living room.


There’s the set of 4 dining room chairs that are getting painted and recovered.  The other two are sitting in my kitchen.


Here’s the table they belong to, on my back porch.

 I try to grab a few minutes each day to keep working on sanding down the top.


And then there are the boxes of vintage fabric the mother of a  friend passed along to me.

I’ve been sorting through them, pulling out what I can take up to my booth, and figuring out how to pass along the rest to someone else who would enjoy it.


Here is the stack of what I pulled out for my booth so far.  It needs to be measured, tagged, and priced.

There are also non-business projects lying around, like this chest of drawersI bought for my husband’s clothes about 3 months ago.


It will eventually be painted to look more manly, but right now its being used in all its ivory floral glory.

It’s time to pack up a bunch of toys and clothes my kids have outgrown, too.

Here is a small pile in my bedroom, which is representative of many other small piles scattered throughout the house.


On top of these assortment of projects, there is always something crazy going on in the background.


Yep, that’s a baby with a bucket on his head . . .

Lastly, I’m smack in the middle of my marathon training, which doesn’t pair well with the 100+ degree heat.


I’m getting up there in my mileage, and it’s hard to get out early enough to run it all before the tough heat sets in.

The weather man said it’s only supposed to be in the low 90’s this weekend.  I’m hoping his predictions are right.

So that’s a peek into our last weeks of summer.

Are you also in summer survival mode?

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