DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration {Painted & Stenciled Wooden Heart}

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Love is in the air!! It’s that time of year, when everything around us turns pink and red 🙂

So today I wanna share with you an easy, DIY Valentine’s Day project you can make to bring a little fun into your home (or for you business-minded folks, something you can sell!)

DIY Valentine’s Day – Buffalo Check Wooden Heart

Supplies Needed:
  • Wooden Heart cutout from Hobby Lobby (or check your other local, craft store)
  • Buffalo Check stencil
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement and CUREiously Pink
  • Small brush and rubber band
  • Additional word stencil (optional)

Step 1: Paint the Base Color

First, paint a base coat of Casement onto the wooden heart. The white will be the backdrop for the stencil pattern. Two coats of Casement did the trick for me.


Step 2: Position Your Stencil

After the base coat of white is dry, position your stencil carefully on the heart. Make sure that when you first start stenciling, the part you are working with fits completely inside the check pattern. 

Step 3: Paint the Top Color

Here’s a quick tip–instead of going out and getting a true stencil brush, try using a half-inch chip brush with the bristles rubber-banded together–it works like a charm!

Begin stenciling by dabbing your rubber-banded brush into a tiny bit of the pink paint, then offloading excess paint onto a paper towel. Dab the paint gently onto the stencil, working your way through the pattern. Once you finish one area, move the stencil to another area (making sure to line up the pattern) to continue stenciling on the pink until you have covered the entire surface.

I put together a short video showing more and sharing some tips for successful stenciling!



Step 4: Stencil on a Valentine’s Day Message

If you love the buffalo check pattern by itself, feel free to skip this step! I had this extra stencil on hand though, so I decided to add a little wording to the heart once the pink check had dried.

Step 5: Tie a Matching Ribbon through Drilled Holes

This heart had pre-drilled holes, but if your piece does not you can add some easily with your own drill and small bit. Then use a matching ribbon of your choice to make the hanger for your heart.

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy!

There you have it! 

An easy, DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration! 

The Buffalo Check stencil is a nice, thick stencil that can be used over and over again . . . Hmm, what else can be stenciled buffalo check? Pillows, table linens, chairs seats, you name it!

If you would like to try this project yourself, you can grab the stencil, paint, and chip brush in my online shop 🙂

Thanks for joining me today, and a Happy Valentine’s Day!






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