I finally finished the last of my four major summer furniture projects! Yay!  This French Provincial dining room table set was the last thing on my list.

I bought it from a lady on a Facebook garage sale site who was selling it for her elderly mother.  It had the hallmarks of furniture purchased in the sixties/seventies;  honey colored stain and powder blue cushion covers.  Unfortunately, I didn’t grab any great “before” pictures.  By this point in my furniture re-do marathon I was running out of steam.

You can see in this picture though a little of that original light stain:

Sorry for the blurry pictures.  It was a little chaotic around here for awhile.

Here is a hint of those powder blue seat covers:

They’re flipped upside down, but you get the drift.

I started out by giving all four of the chairs two coats of Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue.   Then my plan was to sand down the table top and stain it with Minwax Classic American.  My goal was to have it coordinate with my Empire Buffet I made over a month earlier.

The table sanding was a beating!  It took me forever to get down to the natural wood, and once I did, I discovered my cheap palm sander had gouged out the wood in several places.

I took the plunge and purchased a higher quality orbital sander to get out all of those gouges.  Thankfully, it did the trick.  After sanding on and off for 3 weeks, I was finally able to give in that new coat of beautiful stain.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Then the bottom of the table got the same Aubusson Blue treatment, and the chair cushions were updated in a modern, coordinating fabric.

I’m very happy with the final product.  The buffet is still for sale in my space, but I’m hoping once I get the table up there later today they will enhance each other and both will find a new home soon.

Everybody is waking up from their naps.  Gotta run!

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