I love decorating with vintage books.

They don’t have to be in great shape, in fact the shabbier the better.

In most cases I’m not really concerned with their titles either, more with the subtle hues their covers add to a space.  I think I like too that they bring with them a sense of sophistication.

Besides, smart people read lots of books, right?


Sometimes I take off their covers and wrap several books up together with twine (I realize that causes great anxiety among real book collectors!), and sometimes I stack them with their page ends out.

Here is a little collection that inhabits my bird cage.


My space up at Antique Company Mall is full of vintage books.

When I spot them at garage or estate sales I can’t pass them up.  I have a great collection of red-hued books up there right now.

Instant color for a drab space!


Why not start your own vintage book collection?

They are easy to find, full of character, and great conversation pieces.

And like I said, having lots of them around will make you look really smart. *wink wink*

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