First, let me start off by quickly addressing my last post.  Judging by the comments I have received, it was not an enjoyable read for many of you, and for that I apologize.  If you want further clarification on what I was trying to communicate, I encourage you to read through the comments. My intention was not to be unkind, and I don’t ever want reading my blog to be a down spot in someone’s day.

With that said, I also want to say that I am a normal person.  I get frustrated, hurt, defensive, and insecure just like the rest of us.  I also have been known to speak my mind a little too openly on occasion and say something that was inappropriate or poorly thought through.  When writing this blog, my goal is always to share my most real self, and I hope in that sharing someone is taught, encouraged, or entertained.

This blog isn’t just a business for me, but is also a personal outlet, and sometimes my writing will be more of just my free-flowing thoughts rather than a presentation.  The risk with trying to be authentic is that the bad comes right out along with the good . . . but I find the rewards of authenticity greater than the risks.

So, I commit to my readers to continue to be authentic, and in return I hope for grace when the ugly shows up along the pretty.  I really am humbled by the thought that anyone takes the time to read what I write, and I so appreciate the interaction and comments that come from my readers.

Moving on . . . I wanted to show you all super quick makeover I teased about last week on my Facebook page.

nightstand makeover

Selling painted furniture is all about the before and after. Well this one took a bit more time being a “before” until I could turn it into an “after. This little art deco nightstand has been in my big boys’ bedroom for about a year, waiting for a makeover.  I waffled back and forth on painting it either navy, white, or gray, so much so that I eventually just gave up and left it as is.

When I saw this color of Fusion Mineral Paint though, inspiration finally struck:


It’s called Champness, and it is a soft but saturated blue.  It dries a little darker than what it looks like in the jar, and I knew it would be the perfect color for the nightstand.

I did some very light sanding on the nightstand to try and smooth out the places where someone had previously stripped its paint.  Honestly, for a nice smooth surface I should have gotten out my orbital sander and sanded it much more. But for a $30 nightstand that I am keeping for myself, I was happy leaving it with some bumps on its surface.

Two coats of Fusion’s Champness, and a good overnight’s drying got me this:


I apologize for these grainy pictures–the light in my boys’ room is just terrible!  But I hope you can get the idea of how cute this little guy is now.

I think the blue is the perfect accent to their gray walls, white beds, and navy curtains.


I didn’t distress it at all because I wanted to stay true to the art deco look.

The handles had always bothered me, but I love now how they contrast with the blue.


I left them as they were–their patina is perfect.

And again, because I used Fusion I didn’t have to do any waxing or top-coating of any kind. Once the paint fully cures, it should withstand the wear and tear of my boys just fine.

Another fun thing to share with you all . . . does anybody remember earlier this year when I shared my plans to DIY my kitchen?  As a part of my long-term design I want to collect and display some vintage kitchen tins, and I showed a photo of some French kitchen tins on Etsy I was obsessing over.


A week or two after my post I noticed that the set had sold, and I had a very brief thought “Maybe someone bought them for me?”  But I convinced myself that was a ridiculous thought and set about looking for a different set.

Well, last night some friends from our church showed up with an early birthday gift for me.  As I unwrapped the box, I saw that the package was shipped from France–and I immediately knew what it was.

Yes, the lovely French tin set is now mine.  I can’t believe it. I think it may be the most thoughtful gift I have ever received, and it was totally unexpected.

They are even more lovely in person than they are in photos.


And the note that came along with the tins from the seller in France (along with a tiny Eiffel Tower) is just as charming.


I’m motivated now to keep working on painting my kitchen cabinets so I can display these beauties properly.

A gift I will always treasure from some very dear friends.  It’s a birthday to remember.


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