The Biggest Craigslist Furniture Find Ever

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Craigslist has not been very kind to me lately, but my luck began to turn around a few days ago.

I saw an ad for two antique French upholstered chairs that were for sale right down the street from me for a great price.

When I went to see them the next morning, I had no idea what all else I would find at this house!

The husband of the lady selling the chairs opened his front door and invited me in.  

As soon as I stepped through the door all I could see was old furniture . . . literally, piles of it, filling the front room and the other two adjoining rooms I could see into.

At the front of the pile were the two chairs. They ended up being a little out of my league, upholstery-wise, so I passed but asked the guy what else they were selling.

He said, “Everything you can see!”

In his words, his wife and daughter “went crazy on Pinterest” awhile back (none of us have ever done that, right?) and started stockpiling old furniture to makeover.

The makeovers never happened though, and the furniture just sat in a storage unit gathering dust.  He decided he was done with paying the storage rent and moved everything back into their house so they could start selling it off.

I tried to strike a deal with him then for this incredible art deco buffet and matching china cabinet, but we were too far away on price.  

I was able though to walk out with this adorable little waterfall chest of drawers for super cheap.

Craigslist Furniture

It needs a little love,

Craigslist Furniture

and some new hardware, but structurally is in great shape.  My plan is to try my hand at some more hand-painting after giving it a pretty coat of chalk paint.

I think these chest types look a little too plain just flat painted, they need something decorative since the paint covers the pretty wood patterns.

I love this art deco chest from Miss Mustard Seed.

I don’t think I can replicate a design this intricate, but you get the idea.  Like this one though, I plan on replacing the half-there art deco handles with some updated knobs.

But here’s the rest of the story . . .

Since the seller’s wife was not at home, he asked if I would like to come back sometime so she could show some more of what they have to sell.

Apparently, there was more there than what I was able to see!

I passed along my cell number, hoping to hear from them, but expecting that I probably wouldn’t.

The next day though, I got a text from the couple saying they had found several more things they thought I might want.

Would I like to come over and look before they listed any of it on Craigslist?  Of course!

I went back this afternoon with cash on hand and my husband’s big truck.

As they walked me room to room, upstairs, and into a packed-to-the-ceiling garage, it became clear that I had only scratched the surface the other day!

Not only was there a ton to pick from, but they let me name my price and were willing to make great deals to free up some space in their home.

Craigslist Furniture

I literally packed our truck full, both the bed and cab!

For less than $400, I walked away with a Duncan Phyfe dining table and 4 chair set, Duncan Phyfe vanity with mirror, Dixie french provincial chest on chest, and 4 solid wood farmhouse chairs.

I would have bought more, but I was out of money!  And the best part was it was only less than a mile drive back to my house.

Why drive to a far away flea market when I can just go picking here in town?

They were a very nice couple and they invited me back to look more whenever I wanted.  Amazingly, I think the wife is still wanting to hunt down more pieces.

I joked that I just may start paying them a finder’s fee and let them do the hunting for me.

So with the Basset french provincial set, I bought two weeks ago,

Craigslist Furniture

the farmhouse table and chair set from last Saturday’s garage sales,

Craigslist Furniture

and this haul from Craigslist, I think I’m set for makeover pieces for a while 🙂

Has Craigslist been kind to you lately?


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Misti Herrera

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

I have a dining room table and chairs w/China hutch that is in great condition except for a few marks On chairs from getting bumped but do you know how to price items like this? Or where I could ask? It is a $10,000 set and we are moving and I won’t have room for it in new house unfortunately. Great find by the way! I wish I could get into the painting/refurbishing DIY phase but I just can’t....😂

Melanie Alexander

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Hi Misti! Like anything else, furniture is about supply and demand :) Unfortunately dining sets are not in as high of a demand as they used to be, so I wouldn't expect you to be able to sell it for what it seems worth. If you're interested in getting the most $$ for it, I would try a furniture consignment store. You could also list it on FB Marketplace, but know many people there are going to offer you less than what you would like. I would spend some time looking around at what used dining sets for are selling in your area, and their condition, then use that as a guide for your set.


Friday 4th of April 2014

Such great finds! Can you send some of that luck my way, pretty please! x


Saturday 5th of April 2014

I'll see what I can do my Danielle :)

Mother Soph

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

Great!!! I am anxious to see your creative makeovers.


Sunday 30th of March 2014

That's awesome! Never know what you will get. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

Sunday 30th of March 2014

Awesome finds, Melanie! I'll bet they will become a good source for you!

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