6:30 am:  Wake up to children patting your face and asking, “Are you awake?”  Wonder why in the world said children are awake so early after being up extra late the night before due to a trip to the ballpark.  Stumble downstairs to fulfill immediate requests for food and drink.

7:15 am:  Drink a cup of black coffee while trying to grab a few minutes of quiet conversation with your husband at the kitchen table.

7:30 am:  Break up arguments between children over who gets to pick the tv show.  Confirm that children are extra tired and should still be asleep, but accept the reality that instead it will just be a long day.

8:00 am:  Shower, dry hair, and get dressed, all while being fully aware that later in the day you will most likely wind up dirty and sweaty while working on projects outside.

9:30 am:  Run the vacuum quickly through the downstairs of the house before the sitter shows up.  Consider cleaning the toilet, but decide to just let it ride.

10:30 am:  Leave the house 30 minutes late, yet still optimistic about accomplishing the morning’s To-do’s during the time left with the sitter.

11:00 am: Grab a chicken sandwich while out running errands after realization that making it back home for lunch will be near impossible.

small business mompreneur

11:15 am:  Show up to booth space at antique mall prepared to spend a quick 30 minutes stocking paint and moving around inventory, but instead encounter a huge mess of spilled paint.

small business mompreneur

11:20 am:  Hold back tears while scrubbing booth floor and taking stock of all the inventory damaged.

12:55 pm:  Leave antique booth, not completely satisfied with clean-up job, but in a rush to make it home to the sitter.

1:20 pm:  Arrive home 20 minutes late to find children soaking wet in the backyard. It is apparent the sitter had to exercise the “last resort” option of letting the children spray each other with garden hoses to keep them happy.

1:45 pm:  Realize nothing has been planned for dinner.  Set out chicken breasts to thaw.

2:15 pm:  Greet youngest child as he wakes up from his nap early.  Try to think of ways to entertain three very tired children during the next 3 hottest hours of the day.

2:45 pm:  Blast AC in the car and load up children.  Take them to drop off a prescription and run by the bank–both activities planned for earlier in the morning, but de-railed by paint spill.

3:15 pm:  Stop at Sonic to treat children to a Sonic Happy Hour Drink.  Order slushes and then endure repeat brain freezes.  Listen as one child says he might throw up.  Have other two children beg to just go back home.  Laugh to yourself as a lady going in the drive through line offers to take your picture because it looks like “the perfect family summer moment.”

3:45 pm:  Arrive back home and give in to requests for more tv. Discover youngest child is running a fever and wonder what disease has arrived in the house.

4:30 pm:  Greet husband as he arrives home a little early.  Smile as he offers a bouquet of yellow roses.


5:00 pm:  Forego plans to cook chicken and other healthy food for dinner and instead opt for chocolate-chip pancakes.

6:00 pm:  Answer a phone call from a paint customer who has lots of questions about an exterior paint project.  Wince as an earache comes on suddenly.

6:45 pm:  With sharp pain still shooting through ear, leave house to go meet friends for weekly Bible study.

7:15 pm:  Despite ear pain, enjoy some refreshing time eating cookies, drinking milk, and studying God’s Word with a few friends.

8:45 pm: Arrive back home.  Spend a little time talking with husband about the craziness of the day, and watch some Bear Grylls survival show for a bit on tv.

10:00 pm:  Climb into bed, wondering what the next day holds and thankful for a night of rest.

Not every day is this crazy, but when you’re trying to balance running a small business while keeping house and being home with small children, you never know what the day will hold!


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