I ran to an estate sale with a friend on Saturday.  We timed it perfectly, showing up 15 minutes before they re-opened for their 50% off sale.  We were the first persons in line, and had the pick of the house when they opened the front door.  I had my eye on a few furniture pieces, but once I saw them in person they weren’t that impressive, and were way too pricey.

So I dug around some more and found some silver plate pieces and an ironstone serving piece . . . But then I stuck my head inside a closet, looked up on the top shelf and saw this!

I am a lover of all things miniature– dollhouses, little christmas villages, model cars and airplanes, etc. I want to be that old lady whose basement is filled with a huge model railroad that lights up and has little moving people along the tracks.  When my boys were in the Thomas the Train stage I went all out in setting up elaborate tracks for them all over the house, I just love that stuff!  So when I saw this little house, I had to rescue it from the top shelf of the closet.

I was assuming it was a dollhouse, but once I looked at it closer it seemed to be more of a birdhouse.  But it’s not like any other birdhouse I’ve ever seen.  The roof lifts right off.

The bottom is open too, and inside there are these little compartments.

It was really clean on the inside, which puzzled me more.  There are a few open windows which I guess could be the bird entrances, but they seem really small.

My friend who was with me suggested a bat house maybe?  If it is some sort of animal housing, I am amazed at the detail that went into building it, right down to the collection of firewood on the porch.  Look at the front door hardware, and little tiny mailbox.

These birds, bats, or whatever are living in style!  I would love any thoughts you all may have on its original purpose. Now, it’s going to serve as a lovely decorative piece for someone, almost like a piece of folk art.

At the same sale, I grabbed another piece of flow blue china.  I am a budding flow blue collector, and you can see more of my starter collection here.

It’s a soup bowl, Delaware pattern by J. & G. Meakin.  It was the only flow blue piece they had, and I wondered how it made it down the line in this family . . . did it used to have friends?

The best part about finding this piece is that it can hang in the empty spot on my wall where my first ever flow blue dinner plate used to hang.  Sadly, I broke that one last week.  It’s a tragic story, involving me, my dog, and a toy ball that bounced too high . . . Don’t I always tell my kids to not play ball in the house?

Hope you all had some fun finds this weekend as well!

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